Download Civil Designer 8.2

If your license is up to date you can download the latest version here. If you need to bring your subscription up to date, email a request to so that we can help you get up to speed with all the powerful new features.

Version 8.2 builds on the success of previous versions and, in response to client requests, also includes:

  • Online help as opposed to local
  • Add Language support for all modules (Internal)
  • IFC Export: 'watertight' objects for all CivDes entities and add more properties
  • Enhanced the importing on LandXML data to import Civil3D assemblies correctly

  • Render View:
  • - Environment settings
    - Terrain rendering settings
    - Preset views
  • Selection cycling: where multiple entities are exactly on top of each other, a click point selection allows you to cycle through the selectable entities at that point
  • Reality mesh importing and rendering
  • Implement Touch Screen Gestures (Pan, Rotate, Zoom) for use on Windows tablets
  • Delete all or a selection of the layouts in a drawing
  • Locate Text: Add option to select the matching text
  • DGN Import: Load 'mesh' objects
  • Angle snap option in drawing radial/diametric dimensions, alternative to indicating graphically
  • Layer settings enhancements:
    1. Keep a list of recently used layers for the user to quick-reference
    2. Auto-scroll to the last "view" of the layers dialog
    3. Set colour for multiple selected layers.
    4. Create layer groups for Xrefs plus a "All non-XRef Layers" filter
  • Dynamic fly-through
  • 3D model import now also imports textures
  • Add new AllyCAD entity SubDMesh for DWG compatibility and to support textured meshes properly
  • LWPolyline to 3D Polyline: Update to handle lwpoly bulges

DTM Functionality Improvements
  • Add point name update import to DTM in addition to existing point height update import
  • Terrain strings: draw contours and slope arrows for terrain strings
  • Project Settings dialog: Implement preset values for various countries
  • Terrain strings: Cut and fill volumes balancing
  • Extend ASTER DEM import to handle other types of TIFF-based DEM files
  • Grade points relative to another point
  • - insert a new point relative to an existing point
    - edit an existing point relative to another (existing) point
  • Terrain Strings: Rename a master string

  • Split road into segments:
  • - To facilitate road crossings
    - Multiple design speeds / criteria per road
  • Road markings:
  • - Add transverse markings
    - Add arrows
    - All road markings will be properly draped on the road surface
  • Enhance regression analysis

  • Plot Branch number on Sewer / Storm long section plots as part of Long Section Titles (Line Start and End Node name)

  • Water connection quantities:
    1. Number of short-single, short-double, long-single and long-double connections
    2. Number of saddles separated by diameters
    3. Summary of connection pipe lengths by diameter
  • Water connection defaults:
    1. Ability to set connection parameters: main diameter, branch diameter, depth, user category before adding connections
    2. Ability to bulk change parameters of existing connections (Apply to Selected, Apply to All)
  • Separate plan plot lists for all Water elements: Nodes, Reservoirs, Pumps, Valves, Hydrants, Street taps, Air Valves
  • Enhancement to Water connection draw functionality:
    1. Free-hand draw connections with unlimited number of alignment points and length
  • Enhancement to Quantities:
    1. End caps appended
  • Enhancement to Results:
    1. Minimum and maximum pressures stored and shown after Time Simulation
    2. Minimum and maximum flows stored and shown after Time Simulation
    3. Residual head in metres shown in addition to pressure in bar
  • Enhancement to Data Spreadsheet
    1. Borehole table
    2. Hydrant table
    3. Street tap table

Environment and Terrain Settings in Version 8.2

Reality Mesh Rendering in Version 8.2

New strings functionality in Survey & Terrain Version 8.2

Road Segments in Version 8.2

Road Markings in Version 8.2

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