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Road Template Features

This Tech Tip explains how to add or create features that can be added to road templates.



Features are items such as side drains, sidewalks, retaining walls or catchwater berms that are added on to the active assembly. The Feature Editor allows you to set up and use a pre-defined set of features which can simply be added in or inserted into a template. You may also define new features and modify existing features.

When opening the Template Editor ( Tools Menu > Template Editor ), the Features option is listed on the left hand side of the editor.

NOTE: You may only add or insert a feature at the start or end of an existing feature or assembly.

The feature list is a tree structure that can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the + and - buttons respectively.

Display Area:   A graphical representation of the selected feature.
Feature list:The list of features in the current feature file. You may change the feature file using the Load option.
Default:Click on this button to select the default feature file.
Load:Click on this button to load another feature file.

Clicking on a feature will show you a preview of the feature.

Showing Box drain 600x300

Showing a trapezoidal drain 1200x300

Add a feature group

To add a new feature group, i.e. V Drain, select an existing feature group, and right click. A menu will be displayed.

Select the Add option. The Save dialog will appear.

Type in the name of the new feature group, in this case My Example and click on Save. The group will be created and added on to the feature tree list.

Now add on features by selecting the group, right-click and select the Edit option from the popup menu.

This will display the Feature Editor where you can create one or more features in this group.

Using the Feature Editor

The Feature Editor can be sued to add new features or to edit existing features. In this example there are no features, so we will click on the Add Feature. Give the new feature a name.

The next step is to specify the geometry of the feature.

We created a drain 1.2m wide and 0.3m deep.

Click Save to save the feature.

Add a feature to the template

To add a feature to the end of the active assembly simply right-click in the feature list and select the Add to Active Assembly option.

You may also drag and drop the selected feature on to the active assembly.

Edit a feature

Select the feature you want to change, right-click and select the Edit option from the popup menu.

The Feature Editor will open with the selected feature.

You can then edit the feature, rename it or delete it. It is always advisable to keep the defaults and add new features, or use the defaults as a starting point and then edit to your requirements

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