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At Knowledge Base we are proud to showcase the achievements of our successful clients who continue to make a big difference through the work they do. HHO Africa ( is a well established and broad based consulting civil engineering company, recognised for their excellence in planning and design through numerous awards for technical excellence, innovative and environmental sensitivity.

The approximately 100 000 m of concrete apron at the Ysterplaat Air Force Base constructed in 1940-42 had deteriorated to a level of marginal serviceability. Cracking and settlement were widespread.

HHO Africa were appointed to investigate and report on alternative strategies for upgrading the aprons to handle all aircraft up to the C 130 Hercules aircraft. Extensions to the existing concrete refuelling aprons and a new refuelling area for light aircraft were also required. Budget constraints were severe.

HHO Africa made the following recommendations which were accepted by the Air Force :
  • All non-refuelling aprons and taxiways to be re-constructed in asphalt surfaced flexible pavements
  • Dedicated taxiways to be constructed and suitably marked for the LCN/PCNappropriate to the C 130 Hercules. All other aprons designated for light vehicular traffic only
  • All services e.g. communications, lighting, water, compressed air, fuel etc to be located, ducted as necessary and marked
The Completed Project

  • Material from the demolished aprons to be recovered, crushed and blended with 35% in-situ material to form a strong subbase
  • New concrete refuelling aprons to be constructed with high strength unreinforced concrete with undowelled joints while the light aircraft refuelling area to be given a proprietary bitumen treatment to overcome fuel spillage damage and reduce costs
  • Construction was phased to ensure operational readiness of the base at all times

HHO Africa were subsequently appointed to complete the detail design, all necessary contract documentation, call for tenders and provide all necessary staff to monitor and administer the contract.

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