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At Knowledge Base we are proud to showcase the achievements of our successful clients who continue to make a big difference through the work they do and through the experience and knowledge that they pass onto all who work within their company. HHO Africa ( is a well established and broad based consulting civil engineering company, recognised for their excellence in planning and design through numerous awards for technical excellence, innovative and environmental sensitivity.

The Pedicle Road connects the Copperbelt Province with the Luapula Province in the northern part of Zambia. The route crosses the south-eastern part of the Katanga Province which is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The road upgrade portion is approximately 68kms and starts at the Zambian/DRC border at Mokambo and ends at the DRC/Zambian border at Mwenda.

The existing road is a gravel road that is in a very bad state of disrepair. The cross section of the existing road (gravel surface) has been eroded and the road is generally lower than the adjacent ground. As a result, the road becomes flooded during periods of heavy rain, becoming impassable, resulting in the road being closed to traffic at times.

HHO Africa was appointed by the Zambia Road Development Agency to carry out the detailed assessment and design for the upgrade of the existing road to a bituminous surface standard. The construction of a new bridge over the Lubembe River also forms part of the upgrade.

Pedicle Road PROJECT
Extensive ponding due to the depressed gradeline and the blockage of drainage culverts

Pedicle Road PROJECT
Existing single lane bridge to be replaced

Pedicle Road PROJECT
Upgrading required at the border crossings

Construction of the road commenced in March 2012 and is expected to be completed by February 2014.

Features of the project include :
  • Carrying out topographical survey and
  • assessment of the existing road
  • Carrying out condition assessment of
  • bridges and culverts
  • Pavement material profiling and sampling
  • Materials behaviour assessment
  • New alignment and shoulder widening
  • Drainage design
  • Border crossing upgrades

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