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At Knowledge Base we are proud to showcase the achievements of our successful clients who continue to make a big difference through the work they do. HHO Africa ( is a well established and broad based consulting civil engineering company, recognised for their excellence in planning and design through numerous awards for technical excellence, innovative and environmental sensitivity.

The road from Ugie provides an important link from the high lying farmlands & forests, to the Langeni Sawmill & from there to the nearest regional town of Mthatha.

Geometric constraints imposed by the mountain on the road design required the road to pass through areas of highly treasured indigenous forests which were located in deep gorges.

Environmental laws prohibited the cutting of a major swa th through these forests, necessitating the design & construction of a 245 m long viaduct which would pass over the trees.

The viaduct has 7 spans of 35 m length supported on reinforced concrete piers, the highest being 42 m. Each span is made up of 8 pre-cast, pre-stressed 'I' beams with a 200 mm thick cast in-situ reinforced concrete deck slab. These 90 ton, 35 m long slender beams were launched up an 11.2% grade.

This project demonstrates that with careful planning, a large road structure can be constructed through indigenous forests & mountainous terrain with minimal environmental impact.

A series of tower cranes was used to construct the piers in the indigenous forest

  The viaduct won a certificate of excellence at the FultonAwards 2009.

View along viaduct showing deck passing over indigenous forest

View along concrete paved road toward viaduct showing how well viaduct crosses indigenous forest without damaging trees

Construction of mountain pass between Ugie & Langeni

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