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Why Civil Designer

The Civil Designer Advantage

Civil Designer is the only truly integrated civil infrastructure design suite. It is preferred and by thousands of engineers because it provides significant benefits:
  • Design and analyse earthworks, urban roads and highways, surface drainage, wastewater and pressurized potable water models in one application.
  • Integrate into your workflow with advanced IFC BIM, LandXML and 3D DWG support.
  • Handle multi-lane highways with lengths exceeding 200kms and multiple junctions.
  • Automatically generate multiple (500+) dynamically linked final drawings (incl. layout plan, long and cross sections).
  • Easily create 3D digital models of existing civil infrastructure for design analysis and construction upgrades.
  • Instantly render a model in 3D within the program for design verification.
  • Handle large DTMs using 255 surfaces with fast import of DTM points and triangulation.
  • Run proximity clash analyses between existing and proposed design services.
  • Calculate quantities for tender & construction.
  • Immediate design productivity upon installation with minimal style customization.
  • Reduce long term costs with flexible perpetual, network & single licencing options.

How you save as your business grows Cost Comparison

What can be achieved with Civil Designer?

Civil Designer is a comprehensive one stop civil infrastructure design package which incorporates a very powerful CAD platform and eight configurable modules. The software will allow the infrastructure designer to:-
  • Load (from any source) or create a 3D CAD drawing & import associated aerial images
  • Import detailed site survey information (from any source) and generate a DTM
  • Design, analyse, re-design and re-analyse any infrastructure project to produce the most cost effective optimal civil infrastructure design
  • Generate dynamically linked final drawings (including layout plan, long and cross sections) and quantities for tender and construction, faster than any other available application

Civil Designer Features

Civil Designer's continued success over the last 28 years is closely associated with the following important factors which set it apart from other infrastructure design tools:
  • Integrated infrastructure design
    Civil Designer is a comprehensive one stop civil infrastructure design suite, meaning that all the infrastructure elements within a design are spatially and geographically associated.

  • Construction drawings
    Customisable construction drawing templates are produced from the design model in no time. Alterations reflect instantly keeping your design and production drawings in sync.

  • Industry compatibility
    Fully compatible with DWG, DXF, DGN and other drawing formats and design standards are built into the software. Additional catalogue information and design standards can be imported as required.

  • Efficient design processes
    Civil Designer's design methodology adheres to civil engineering principles and practices making the software easy to understand. Incorporated design standards are applied for design model verification.

  • Road design
    Strings or cross-section based roads design, incorporating user defined component libraries with customisable speed and material design standards.

  • Road intersections
    Intersections can be modelled quickly. The bell mouth vertical alignment can be edited for s-curve and linear interpolation. Contours, low points and flat spots are all dynamically updated allowing fast verification.

  • Pipe network design
    Storm and waste water network design tools take into account the spatial, geographical and hydraulic relationship between the different collection inflow points, sizing and grading the branches and mainlines accordingly.

  • Water network design
    The Water module simulates multiple reservoirs, pump stations with up to 8 parallel pumps with pressure, level or time-based control, and an extensive list of control valves allows you to design complex fluid handling networks.

  • Support, training and ongoing development
    We stay in close contact with our clients through our customer services. Our developers, support and training consultants are industry experts who understand the challenges you are facing. We therefore have the knowledge to help you complete your projects on time, every time.

  • Software Training Accreditation
    Delegates can accumulate (ECSA) CPD points with each course attended and passed.

  • Permanent Licensing
    Unlike some software providers, we believe that your software is a valuable asset and you should own what you purchase! Perpetual or permanent licenses mean that your software won't suddenly expire.

Licensing Options

Civil Designer can be licensed individually or via a shared license pool across a network. Network licenses allow an amount of users equal to the amount of platform (Design Centre) licences available to work simultaneously.

Licensing alternatives include the Sentinel SL (software-based licence) or the Sentinel HL (hardware dongle-based) licence system.

Perpetual Licenses

We offer permanent licenses on all our software. This gives you the following advantages:
  • Predictable cost
  • Non-expiring software
  • Only necessary to upgrade to a later version when you are ready to do so


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What our clients say

"After over 10 years of using alternative software I am pleased to be back using Civil Designer, now in the UK. The support and training is outstanding. Whenever I've had a design question they've sent me a helpful video, or have set up a support meeting. I am amazed at how quickly I've got back into designing with Civil Designer and how user friendly it is."
~ Diane Ochse, Solid Structures, UK

"The entire geometric design of the flyover ramps & realignment of the existing carriageways was done with Civil Designer. The software coped with whatever we threw at it!"
~ KOEBERG INTERCHANGE: Brian Dreyer Pr. Eng. HHO Africa

"The new Civil Designer is much more user-friendly, the operation functions are very professional and the drawing component is a lot better than the older versions."
~ Nickhael Kessopersadh, Goba (Pty) Ltd

"Civil Designer allowed us to do more than ever in a short time frame and was used to create 50km of road in one model with 47 intersections."
~ N2 SECTION: Moegtaar Madatt, Mott MacDonald

"Support is excellent and much better than others in the industry. You know you can rely on these guys."
~ Marco Marques, WSP SA Civil & Structural

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