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Roads Components in the 2015 version

Civil Designer 2015 introduces Components which are super building blocks for templates. Components gives you the flexibility to create and apply a typical cross section template and then add additional or remove existing components from individual cross sections using the Cross Section Editor or the Edge Control spreadsheet.

These changes would then be applied during recalculations, thereby retaining the integrity of your road design.

Road components

Some of the important properties of Components are:
  • A Component can be a closed figure, which will be displayed as a filled polygon in the Template Editor, Cross Section Editor and cross section plots;
  • When designing string roads, components will be displayed in the component fill colour in plan;
  • Each component can have its own layerwork definition;
  • Each component can have additional user-defined formulas associated with it to calculate quantities;
Road components

Now you may use one template and easily modify it with components to suit local conditions such as cut/fill, side drains, crash barriers, retaining walls, etc. An example would be forcing the use of a side drain through alternating cut/fill conditions, or adding a gutter, parking bay and sidewalk.

The Amy Searle Canal Project

The Amy Searle Canal Project involved formalising an existing stream into a gabion canal. Civil Designer was used to design the alignment and generate the earthworks volumes.

Amy Searle Canal Project

Design technician Sunelle Doll of Royal HaskoningDHV explains that the creation of different layers from the DTM made it straightforward to tie the canal into the existing roads next to the canal. A 'skew section' was also extracted at the point where a new bridge had to be detailed across the canal to cater for an existing sewer line.

Civil Designer's earthworks volume functionality allowed for the easy calculation of both the rock-fill necessary for the invert levels, and the cut volumes required to shape the canal.

Sunelle also explained that she was able to make use of AllyCAD (Civil Designer's CAD platform) to position the canal over an imported Google Earth backdrop image and to draw further details.

New YouTube Tutorial Video

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Extracting Ground Cross-Sections

If you don't have access to YouTube you can download this video here.

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Tech Tip Tutorial
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Creating a Cul-De-Sac

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