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Road Segments

The selection of design speeds for a roadway project is dependent on several factors including traffic volume, roadway classification, number of travel lanes and environmental factors. The design speed is used to determine various geometric design criteria including the horizontal and vertical alignments, superelevation rates and spiral lengths.

Where different design criteria apply to different sections of the same road, for example during rural to urban environment transitions, Civil Designer allows the designer to split a single road into segments. Pre-set design criteria can then be applied to the different segments of the road to accommodate design speed changes.

Segments also provide a useful design tool for the insertion of intersections. An intersecting road can be split into segments either side of a proposed junction and then tied into the main road, without the need to introduce additional minor roads into the layout. See the video demonstration below: (2m 48s):

Effective Design and Analysis of Pressurised Water Networks

Effective water and pressurised fluid network design requires the application of simulation and analysis processes to ensure that adequate pressure is maintained throughout an entire network.

Accurate simulation of urban water consumption must take into account a number of factors including single and double erf connections, fire hydrants and public stand-pipe draw-off points.


Extended time simulation and consumption analysis in Civil Designer's Water module.

Further design integrity can be achieved through monitoring actual municipal demand data. This allows network design adjustments to be made in response to the recorded consumption of a specified area.

CIVIL DESIGNER's Water module allows the engineer to analyse draw-offs using the available pressure at specific points in the network. The water network design functionality also incorporates specialised connection points and the means to import historical demand data and water losses.

Find out more about Civil Designer's Water Module features and functionality.

Calculating intermediate and hard material trench volumes

Civil Designer automatically calculates intermediate and hard material trench volumes for pipe network excavation costing by allocating different materials to different terrain model surface. See the video demonstration below (1m 48s):

Sheetfile Editing & Production Drawing

CIVIL DESIGNER's Sheetfiles allow you to generate dynamically linked drawings including layouts, plans, long-sections, cross-sections, detailed title blocks, north signs, grids, company logos, annotations and setting out data lists.

When you change your design, the construction drawings are dynamically updated, automating the conversion of a 3D model into a 2D construction drawing and saving post production CAD editing time.

Click through to view a tutorial video (30m 12s) providing step by step instructions on how to create a new sheetfile and edit an existing sheetfile.

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Latest Software Update
Latest build: Release 3 (2019/04/09).

If you are using CIVIL DESIGNER 8.2 you can install the latest update here.

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Client Testimonial
Gibb Client Testimonial

"I appreciate the fact that Civil Designer includes design and analysis functionality for the simulation of pressurized water networks. The analysis processes eliminate the need to go back and forth between different software. You can design the network and analyse as you go."

Keith Ahlschlager (Pr. Eng.), GIBB, Design Engineer, Infrastructure Division, Water and Wastewater

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UK Infrastructure Show 2019

Civil Designer UK Ltd was pleased to demonstrate some of the latest time saving design features and functionality at the UK Infrastructure Show 2019, which took place at the NEC in Birmingham in April.

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Student Version
The Civil Designer student version is used by a number of FET colleges and universities. If you are currently studying Civil Engineering or furthering your existing qualifications and wish to make use of our student version at no cost, please have a look at the education page on our website.

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