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Civil Designer 8.3 Launch Webinar

CIVIL DESIGNER 8.3 Register for the Launch Webinar taking place Wednesday, October 2nd 2019 at 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM SAST. New functionality will be introduced and demonstrated allowing you to take advantage of new time saving features straight away.

Webinar Registration

Take a look at some of the powerful features and new functionality included in the upcoming version here: New in Version 8.3. If you need to bring your subscription up to date, email a request to so that we can help you get up to speed with the latest version.

Rainfall Runoff Simulation in Stormwater Network Design

Rainfall Runoff Simulation in CIVIL DESIGNER

Civil Designer's Storm module allows for the application of Illudus, Rational, Wallingford and SWMM runoff simulation methodology in the design and analysis of gravity based pipe network. In the upcoming 8.3 version, Greenfields runoff calculations can be implemented in accordance with UK National SuDS standards. The engineer has the option to use either the IH124 or the FEH methods for the runoff calculations. The Greenfields FEH method is a statistical method based on the Flood Estimation Handbook which replaced the UK Flood Studies Report in 1999. The Greenfields IH124 was specifically produced to address the runoff from small catchments.

Read more here: Rainfall Runoff Simulation in Stormwater Network Design.

Point to Point Sight Distance Checking

Sight Distance Checking for Road Design

In addition to stopping sight distance checking functionality, Civil Designer 8.3 includes a Point to Point Line of Sight feature. The line of sight between two points can be graphically displayed anywhere on a terrain model. A clear sight line is indicated by a green line between points. As it is extended, it will switch to a red line if and when the line of sight is obstructed. In render view, a tripod with extended sight line provides a visual representation of the line of sight between the specified points.

Read more here: Sight Distance Checking for Road Design.

Handling Roadway Design Criteria

Handling Design Criteria Design criteria data is completely configurable within Civil Designer and the default installation includes standard design criteria for TRH17, AASHTO, and TD 9_93, which covers both the South African and the UK market. Throughout the design process, the software empowers the engineer by ensuring that all project data is at hand and available for interrogation. In addition, any deviations from acceptable geometric data ranges are flagged so that corrective alterations can be made.

Read more here: Handling Highway Design Criteria using Civil Designer Software.

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Latest Software Update
Latest build: Release 5 (2019/08/08).

If you are using CIVIL DESIGNER 8.2 you can install the latest update here.

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Knowledge Base Turns 30
Knowledge Base 30th Anniversary

Knowledge Base, the software development house of Civil Designer and AllyCAD, was started in 1989 by Vincent Bester. The company has established a reputation for providing best of breed engineering software and support services and is enjoying a growing international customer base. Happy Birthday Knowledge Base!

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Digital Construction Week 2019

Digital Construction Week 2019 showcases the latest construction technologies and the companies that are changing the face of the sector. Civil Designer UK will again be exhibiting at this year's event and company CEO, Vincent Bester, will be presenting a seminar in which he will explain the implications of various technology choices across an AEC project's lifespan.

Student Version
The Civil Designer student version is used by a number of colleges and universities. If you are currently studying Civil Engineering or furthering your existing qualifications and wish to make use of our student version at no cost you can find out more on the education page on our website.

User Guide Videos
The Civil Designer introductory user guide tutorials are designed to get you started with the software. Introductory videos and data-set resource files are available for the different topics. Simply register and then follow the introductory videos in your copy of Civil Designer. You can also follow the tutorials in the student version of the software. Find out more on the education page on our website.

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