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Is Your Project Grounded?

Is Your Project Grounded?

Projected cost savings associated with BIM compliant projects have commonly focused on the mature stages of a project (see for example applications of BIM in the UK's Crossrail Project). However, the potential payoff of effective collaborative processes during early design phases is increasingly gaining recognition and the cost savings, while acknowledged, have perhaps been underestimated. Where projects have real world coordinates, engineers and design technicians that have previously operated independently, can pick up and contribute to a single design model as the central project reference. A 'grounded' project allows for effective collaboration across civil, structural and other specializations.

Software with closed or propriety BIM applications can introduce errors when design data is shared. In addition, design processes become inefficient where interoperability with Open BIM applications is restricted.

Grounded BIM Model Design Collaboration Using Civil Designer
Civil Designer upholds a holistic design approach, where all the infrastructure elements within a design model are spatially and geographically associated. For details of the software's built-in, preset coordinate systems see this media post.

Civil Designer implements the IFC data model, which has become a widely adopted Open BIM format. Shared IFC data can be customised according to the requirements of the recipient. Prior to export, the engineer can set up custom IFC files, assigning the appropriate northern or southern hemisphere coordinate system and specifying the extents of the shared data. Data can be allocated to a single, or multiple IFC files, and may incorporate all or a selection of the proposed infrastructure services associated with the project.

The video below demonstrating CIVIL DESIGNER's IFC export capabilities:

This video demonstrates how an infrastructure design model can be exported to Revit from CIVIL DESIGNER either as a 3D DWG or using one or more IFC files.

Is Your Project Grounded? |
The Importance of a BIM + Geospatial Design Approach
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