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Civil Designer Presentation at Digital Construction Week

"Finding Your BIM Sweet Spot"

Civil Designer Software exhibited and presented a BIM workshop at Digital Construction Week 2019.

Digital Construction Week 2019 Civil Designer Software exhibited and hosted a BIM workshop at Digital Construction Week 2019 at ExCeL, London. The Civil Designer Group Managing Director, Vincent Bester, delivered a presentation entitled "Finding Your BIM Sweet Spot" in which he took a critical look at the processes and technologies that claim to reduce project delivery times and long-term costs. His seminar also provided insight into the key factors that determine when BIM collaboration processes become most effective.

Some of the key points of the the presentation included:
  • BIM strategy and implementation planning should focus on the integrity of shared design data. An infrastructure design model which relies on the exchange of design data between different programs within the same project may in fact complicate the design process, introduce errors and slow progress.

  • An incomplete design model that does not incorporate all the proposed services and does not take the existing services data into consideration may require a significant amount of additional collaboration, correction and verification at a later stage in the project cycle resulting in unplanned delays.

  • Detecting and avoiding clashes early on in a projectís cycle leads to a clean design model which can be effectively and efficiently shared with other industry professionals.

Mr Bester also outlined a typical procedure for sharing data rich objects across civil infrastructure software (Civil Designer) and structural software. Demonstrating this procedure revealed the 'choke points' at which collaboration between industry experts is most essential and where effective BIM processes achieve the most impact.

The presentation included demonstrations of Civil Designer's IFC data export capabilities that allow information to be customised according to the requirements of the recipient. Prior to export the engineer can set up custom IFC files, assigning the appropriate northern or southern coordinate system and specifying the extents of the shared data. Data can be allocated to a single, or multiple IFC files, and may incorporate all or a selection of the proposed infrastructure services associated with the project.

Finding Your BIM Sweet Spot - a BIM workshop presentation by Vincent Bester at #DCW2019
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