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Out Of the Box Solutions For Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is certainly the place to be with the development of a new deep-water port and the related Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) at Coega - not to mention the possibility of a mammoth statue in celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela.

This translates into interesting work projects for engineers like Stefan Oosthuizen from PD Naidoo & Associates (PDNA) who talks about some of the feasibility studies that the company has recently been involved in.

The talk of building a 103 metre high statue as a tribute to Nelson Mandela has moved beyond words. PDNA has submitted their feasibility study for the structure and stability of this massive construction - said to include a theatre, museum, lecture facility and even some residential opportunities.

"The presentation has been very well received by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality". "The go-ahead will of course depend on the availability of funds but for now our appointment on this project has been completed and any further involvement will depend on the client," Stefan explains.

Signature Bridge Another interesting project was the design of a signature bridge that takes the N2 across the Coega river into the Coega IDZ. "This bridge had to be as spectacular as the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg," Stefan remarks.

"The 130-metre structure is wide enough to accommodate the dual carriageway of the N2 and can carry the full load of the national road. The bridge was designed as a cable-stay bridge and tries to capture the similarities of the harbours tall cranes and gantries. It was meant to serve as a landmark to acknowledge the importance of the IDZ and is likely to cost in the region of R130 million".

PDNA is a partner in one of four joint ventures short-listed for this project and the decision on who will receive the contract is yet to be finalised.
  From the spectacular to the more mundane With PDNA there never seems to be a dull moment as they move from massive statues and spectacular bridges, to the regular bread and butter projects like the feasibility study of the proposed Automotive Supply Park in Uitenhage.

"This project was undertaken in conjunction with VW, AIDC and several local professional firms, to create something similar to the Automotive Supplier Park established in Rosslyn. The idea was to accommodate all of VW's suppliers in one industrial park. The project is only in its basic design stage with the feasibility phase successfully completed, it is likely to go ahead and will cost in the region of R100 million."

In something of a different kind, PDNA is one of 12 consulting engineers that participated in the relocation of squatters from the floodplains to areas such as Motherwell, Chatty and Missionvale. "Our work will involve bulk sewage and services for 1300 stands in Missionvale," Stefan explains.

Another major project, in a joint venture with THM, involves the design of a massive R90 million-district road for the Department of Public Works, in Umtata. "Four kilometres of this 18 km road is scheduled to be a dual carriageway and the design accommodates all the paved sidewalks, stormwater systems and electrical lighting. The road will provide easier access to areas in an urban renewal project".

"We use Civil Designer as our design tool on all of our projects, it makes life and work so much easier with its seamless interface between the different sub-programs, " says Stefan as he tries to summarise the usefulness of the program.

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