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Capturing Data For SA's 'Fastest-Growing Area'

It's said to be the fastest-developing area in South Africa - a broad stretch of gently undulating land running more than 20kms across, from the foothills of Gauteng's West Rand to Midrand in the east. Its appearance changes almost daily as it is transformed into a sprawling urban grid of residential, commercial and industrial estates.

Once largely agricultural holdings, chicken farms, market gardens and stud farms, it's now surrendering many of its wide green acres to the "developers".

"You could say the landscape looked a lot prettier with the cattle and horses and post-and-pole fences, but that's progress for you," says Gavin Clunnie, of Klunene Consulting Engineers, which is engaged in data-capturing and mapping the spread of new territories for land-hungry private developers and home-seekers.

The work primarily involves producing finely detailed and researched maps carrying a mass of geographical, social, demographic and physical data to aid and simplify the infrastructural development process. Such a task obviously demands the help of the right software design technology. To present this information in an intelligible and instantly understandable form, Clunnie turns to CIVIL DESIGNER, an interactive software package which incorporates a suite of modules embracing the entire sweep of the civil engineering disciplines.

Equipped with CIVIL DESIGNER and AllyCAD, a computer-aided draughting program, Clunnie works exclusively as a consultant for private developers of residential and commercial complexes in the region stretching from Roodepoort in the west to Midrand in the east. Individual developments range from a few hectares to almost 100.
  "CIVIL DESIGNER is widely regarded as leader in integrated infrastructure design in South Africa," Clunnie says. "I believe it deserves the reputation, because no software I know gives so many benefits when working in a visual design environment."

Interactive design tool modules at his command include SURVEY + TERRAIN, for earthworks design; ROADS, for and calculations for urban and rural roads and freeways embankment design and calculations; as well other interactive design modules for water, storm-water and sewerage.

"With these instruments I am able to provide a complete township planning service," says Clunnie.

No problem
A big challenge is always to create an accurate set of topographical data from a variety of different sources. No problem: Clunnie says the software enables him to import this information from whatever source, and overlay it on the basic geographical image. Thus he can present the entire picture - or if required, a permutation of images highlighting specified features and data.

This information could concern roads, drainage, lands and survey data, town planning data, traffic patterns, population, aerial maps - any information which may be relevant to the particular piece of land which is being developed.

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