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Google Earth Snap Shot Warning

There are 2 Google Tools provided with AllyCAD and Civil Designer.

Due to the fact that the development of these Google Earth tools has been stopped (which could cause them to stop working), the user is faced with a warning about them when you first run the tools.


We have found a solution to this that currently works with the latest version of Google Earth, but if there are any changes made to Google Earth that prevents this fix from working, you may have to revert to an older version of Google Earth.

The Solution

You need to run the Command Prompt in Windows with Administrative Rights (as a normal user you might need your IT department to assist with this)

With the command prompt open, go to the default Google Earth installation folder (For Windows 10 and newer)

For earlier versions of Windows:

Once in the default install folder, type in googleearth.exe /regserver and press enter (see the above screenshot for steps). The error should no longer appear.

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