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Civil Designer Tech Tips

As part of our valued support services, we publish regular Tech Tip tutorials in response to the more frequent support requests received. Click on the reference under the version heading for the following Tech Tip articles.

  General Tech Tips 
Customising Menus Using The Menu Editor 
Customising Pen Palettes 
Customising the Toolbars 
How to load an old Civil Designer project 
Drawing Templates (Startup Drawing) 
Fixing a Corrupt DTM 
How to Archive a Project 
Authorising Civil Designer 
Increasing speed when using Large Data Sets 
How to create drawings of your design 
How to Add a Title block to the Plan Sheetfile 
How to Create a New Project 
Project Settings 
How to add a North Sign to a Sheetfile 
Adding XRefs to a Project 
Themes and Layouts in version 8.x  
Backup And Auto Save Recovery 

  Water Tech Tips 
Vertical Alignment Editing 
Pipe Routes 
Air and Scour Valves 

  Stormwater Tech Tips 
Subcatchments for stormwater design 
Converting Drawing Entities 
Node types and symbols 

  Sewer Tech Tips 
Sewer Erf Connections 
Converting Drawing Entities 
Node types and symbols 

Determining Which Device Drivers are Installed 
How to reset the Windows Registry  
Updating Printer Drivers 
Installing A 64-Bit Access Database Driver 

  Roads Tech Tips 
How to show road banks 
How to convert a road layer into a DTM surface 
Inserting Skew Cross Sections 
How to add uneven chainages into your road 
Calculating Layerwork Volumes 
TRH4 Pavements 
Crossing Pipes on a Road Cross Section 
Adding Pavement Profile to Cross Sections 
Add an Auxiliary Lane 
Road Templates (using multiple road templates) 
Road Template Editor 
Road Template Features 
Converting Roads to Strings 
Creating a Road Intersection 
Creating a Cul-De-Sac 
Creating a Mini Roundabout 
Multiple Plan Regions 
Add road components to the super elevation 
Crossing Services  
Road Regression  
Convert String Roads to DTM  
How to remove banks under a bridge in a road  

  Survey & Terrain Tech Tips 
Creating a DTM from a Contour Drawing 
Speed improvements importing multiple ASCII files 
Converting a DXF File into a DTM 
Generating a 3D View 
Generated Contours Enhancements 
Merging of DTM Surfaces 
Importing Geographical Coordinates 
Creating a Google Earth Grid and importing it. 
Triangulation Methods 
Exclusion Polygons 
Google Earth Snap Shot 
Google Earth Snap Shot Warning 
LIDAR Thinner 

Civil Designer Tech Tips (Older versions)

We have nearly 100 Tech Tips for the older Civil Designer 6.5, 6.4 and 6.3 versions.

Click here to access these archived tech tips.

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