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Civil Designer 2014 is 4 times more powerful!

This is simply the most exciting time ever for Civil Designer with the build up to the launch of Civil Designer 2014, which is currently in Beta stage and being tested heavily from every angle by ourselves. We will be releasing the Beta version to specific clients to test at the beginning of next month (November) while we continue with our own in-house testing.

The digital terrain modelling component has been optimized to import over 4 million points in less than 1 minute and can handle more than 95 million points, compared to the 25 million points of the 2013 version. Civil Designer can further triangulate 6 million points in under a minute and it's just getting faster the more we work and tweak it! We also provide a tool to strip down LIDAR surveys into useful DTM models.

Official launch date expected to be early next year in Feb or March.

Bringing you the fastest road design ever!

Our 2014 Beta Version was tested against two other major international players in an intense showdown back in July this year. We are talking about a meeting of the heavyweights: Civil Designer the number 1 in Africa, versus the number 1 competitor in Australia and the number 1 competitor in the USA.

The exercise mainly focused on Roads and Earthworks and was extremely positive and rewarding for us. Civil Designer 2014 will give you the fastest urban road design in the industry including intersections and roundabouts! We finished the various exercises while the competition had completed less than 20% of the design!

We have also had time to look at the few minor areas where we were rated 2nd and have hugely focused on those aspects to ensure that we will win all categories in the next showdown.

Largest Support Team on the continent just gets bigger!

Christopher Schmidt
BTech: Civil Engineering: Urban Engineering

We are delighted to have a new member join our support consultant team, which continues to be by far the largest support team on the African continent for civil engineers.

Chris, who holds 7 years in the civil engineering consultancy environment, was previously employed at BVi Consulting Engineers in their Civil Engineering Division. He worked in a team participating in the geometric design for new highways and the rehabilitation of existing highways including their intersections & rest areas, both nationally and provincially. He has focused on the geometric design of urban road, as well as the hydrology calculations associated with catchment areas. During his previous employment at Sustainable Engineering Solutions, he worked on an array of designs, including the reticulation design of water, irrigation, foul sewer and stormwater networks and the geometric design of urban road. This coupled with extensive onsite supervision of civil engineering projects brings a practical component to his comprehensive design experience.

His passion for the field of civil engineering coupled with his sense of fulfilment in seeing and aiding others to the correct use of the design software leads us to believe that he will not only be an asset to our team, but moreover, to everyone who makes use of the support services offered by Knowledge Base.

  • Civil Designer is not just a drawing aid, but a fully integrated design aid, with the ability to analyse the design within the drawing - there's no need to export the design model.
  • Google Earth images are imported the most accurately I've seen so far, it seems this is no longer available in other software.
  • Longsection / Profile are dynamic and with edge levels updated automatically, which many packages cannot do.
  • Terrain Elevation tracking is a fast and convenient way to find the elevation at a position on a DTM. It's much more of a hassle to do this in other software.
  • Terrain The minimum amount of DTM points for elevations to be interpolated is four, unlike other software, and there is therefore no need for the creation of infill's.
  • Optimizing Cut/Fill volumes of a platform is a very fast and convenient tool.
  • The 3D view only shows the area that is zoomed into, which is a useful advantage in the design of roads.
  • When viewing a cross section at skew angles, to view services cover levels, the layer-works is still shown.
  • Toggling between layouts within the drawing is fast, irrespective of drawing size and number of layouts.
  • The creation of breaklines, and the importance of triangulation being set by the surveyor is also something not catered for in all other software.

Feature Focus - Roads

Edge conditions, drainage and batter slopes are automatically adjusted on the road profile according to your specified cut and fill conditions. This means that you can automatically have different road widths, side drains, retaining walls and cut/fill slopes according to the depth/height of cut or fill.


Civil Designer road templates make it easy to design the road profile and view the end result. We also include a test function when working with road templates so that you can immediately see how the end product is going to function.


It is easier to design a road or road pavement with Civil Designer as it comes with South African standards including TRH 17 for the horizontal and vertical alignments as well as the super elevation, TRH 4 for the layerworks (pavement classes) and SABS 927 kerbs.


Renew your Subscription / Buy more licences

Now is a really good time to renew your subscription or purchase additional licences, before prices increases next year, so that you get to experience the power of Civil Designer 2013 as well as the 2014 version when it is publically released early next year.

Please email us to have a personalised quote emailed to you.

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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6.5 Version no longer supported
Unfortunately the time has come that Civil Designer 6.5 will no longer be supported by Knowledge Base. Most other software vendors retire your software after just 3 years and stop supporting it. We have supported these version for nearly 6 years! If you are still using these old versions, now is the time to upgrade to the latest 2013 version.

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