Civil Designer 2013 launched

Civil Designer 2013 has been launched and continues to move us ahead as the market leader, giving you the most user-friendly and robust infrastructure design package available today. It is the only design package created by civil engineers for civil engineers. This means the software thinks like you do, works like you do, and helps you to go beyond expectations!

No other infrastructure design solution will get the job done as quickly and easily while giving you the reassurance that you truly are delivering the optimum design for each and every situation. With 24 years of solid experience and ongoing feedback from top engineering firms and local and regional authorities, as well as our international partners, Civil Designer is the civil engineering software standard delivered to you by your fellow peers and backed by our expertise as your developer and distributor.

The 2013 version has had a major overhaul on many internal functions to speed up the graphics and the calculations. These include:
  • CAD redraws
  • Dragging or stretching selections
  • GrabAll snap and visual snap indicator
  • Dynamic updating of layouts
  • Import ASCII data
Another important change is that previously you had to install a 32 bit version of Civil Designer if you had Microsoft Office 32 bit, even if you were running a 64 bit operating system. This requirement no longer exists and you can now install the 64 bit version of Civil Designer on your 64 bit operating system without any conflicts with Microsoft Office 32 bit.

The following are some of the new and improved functions in the latest 2013 version.

Design Centre
  • Extract grid elevations from Google Earth
  • Intelligently thin out data from a LIDAR survey
  • Import and export LandXML terrain data for greater data portability
  • Export project to Google Earth as a KML file.
  • Added a function to print published drawings and allow the printing of multiple layouts
  • Batch Print - print all drawings in a specified folder.
  • Export to PDF
  • Archive project now archives sheet files and XREFS as well.

Survey & Terrain
  • Import Nikon total station files
  • Reverse Polar calculations
  • Point descriptions for DTM points
  • Sequential point naming with optional feature line between renamed points allows you to easily classify raw survey data
  • Select DTM points by polygon
  • Height tolerance for manual and automatic screening lets you reduce the number of points in a large data set intelligently
  • Faster triangulation algorithm also handles larger data sets
  • Convert multiple 3D polylines to DTM

  • Import and export LandXML road data for greater data portability
  • Extract edge widths and levels from 3D CAD entities thereby effectively defining a road's alignment from a drawing
  • New Template Editor with interactive design for compulsory additions, cut and fill slopes, kerbs and layerworks.
  • Pre-defined features such as retaining walls, side drains, sidewalks, parking areas added to the template by drag and drop
  • Import road template control points from a drawing
  • Create a CAD drawing from a road template
  • View road centrelines (or alignment) and DTM limits in Google Earth

  • Import and export LandXML sewer data for greater data portability
  • New database engine for faster 64bit processing
  • MH Conditions - specify level difference for implementation of drop
  • MH Conditions - option to have a step in only the side branch
  • Pressure flow analysis so that you may model the network under surcharge conditions

  • Import and export LandXML storm data for greater data portability
  • Import existing INP file from EPA SWMM
  • New database engine for faster 64bit processing
  • MH Conditions - specify level difference for implementation of drop
  • MH Conditions - option to have a step in only the side branch
  • Increased the number of link types and support for a larger number of culvert profiles
  • Graphically add or redefine a subcatchment drainage path
  • Option to specify overland and defined watercourse flow for the Time of Concentration calculation for the Rational method
  • Include Rational Method Intensity in Runoff results for every catchment
  • New SWMM simulation options
  • New SWMM Shape Curve Editor
  • Include the new SWMM dynamic wave settings
  • Display results from SWMM retention pond analysis similar to storm retention pond

  • New database engine for faster 64bit processing
  • Water Losses
  • Read water consumption data from municipal database and apply to demand patterns
  • The location of the Catalogue files is now user selectable. The Catalogue can even reside on the network folder and thus be shared by an entire office
  • Various graphs are exported in Enhanced Windows Metafile (WMF) format for inclusion in documents
  • Custom reports with data and calculated values from single or multiple sources
  • Flow restriction at reservoir inlets such as a throttle valve or oriface plate


The CAD Pro module has been enhanced with numerous additional functions and features:
  • Multi-leader entity associates multiple arrows with one text item or block
  • Set the transparency of entities
  • XRef and locked layer fading
  • Print or publish the drawing space and multiple layouts
  • Batch Print all drawings in a specified folder
  • Export to PDF
  • Multiple backup drawings allow you to step back to earlier versions
  • All entities which have a frame (ie: Image, Wipeout, OLEFrame, XRef) now have frame visibility settings
  • Convert multiple single-line text items to one multi-line text entity
  • Explode block attributes to text entities
  • Edit text within a group
  • Draw text aligned to an existing entity
  • Specify a user defined text position for dimensions
  • Pick settings from existing entities and apply them to multiple entities
  • Hatch Editor allows you to set up custom hatch patterns
  • Import a Google Earth snapshot
  • Load Bitonal TIF images
  • Display drawing statistics
  • Expand detail function with layer magnification as in AllyCAD V3.x
  • Import shape files with Lat-Long coordinates and link associated data with databases
  • Shape file export includes arcs, circles, inserts and XRefs
  • Arithmetic expressions in all number inputs

  • Multi-line Text Editor now supports left-, right- and centre-alignment, tabs and indents
  • Ordinate and arc-length dimensions can be drawn as chained dimensions
  • Survey dimensions support distance-dependant decimals and can be edited
  • Type in pen numbers in the property bar pen field
  • Enhanced the Label Coord interface to make specifying the label format far easier
  • Polyline vertices can be added and removed
  • Hatches can be edited by moving nodes
  • Drawing of the lightweight polyline has been improved to allow tangential lines to the previous bulge
  • Rubber banding for large selections has been made faster
  • Table entity enhancements including Excel import, merged cells, node editing and text alignment per column
  • Pick Settings can now pick styles
  • Snip function can now snip selected only
  • Blocks can now have customized snip boxes
  • Hatches have been updated to use 'user' and 'custom' hatch types

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Civil Designer 2013 – you win twice!

The no.1 solution and even more cost effective due to exchange rates

CIVIL DESIGNER is entering a very promising period in market growth and software sales. Not only are we the number 1 solution for civil engineering infrastructure software, but now due to exchange rates, our software is well priced too!

Our local clients benefit from not having to pay higher prices due the weakening Rand, and our international clients are having a field day at being able to buy our software at a cheaper rate due to the Rand’s value... it's a win win situation for all!

By the way, we have a surprise for you!

Knowledge Base to release two new versions this year!

Yes, it's true! Not only are we releasing 2013 now, but our 2014 version goes into testing phase in just 2 months time and we are hoping to have a Beta version by the end of August. Right now we are investigating the possibility of distributing the Beta version to our “champion users” to test it and make further recommendations.

The 2014 version will come with the fastest intersection design on the planet, and includes roundabouts, making designing for urban streets far easier! So it truly is an exciting year! But we will tell you more about this in due time. Release date looks likely to be in December.

Civil Designer 6.5 no longer supported

Unfortunately the time has come that Civil Designer 6.5 and AllyCAD 3.6 will no longer be supported by Knowledge Base. Most other software vendors retire your software after just 3 years and stop supporting it. We have supported these version for nearly 6 years! The software will still obviously work but we will not accept support calls and no more improvements / bug fixes will be issued for these versions.

If you are still using these old versions, now is the time to upgrade to the latest 2013 version. Contact to organise your upgrade.

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Knowledge Base Team

contact+27 21 7011850   (International)

contact0860 101 999   (SA only)
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