Civil Designer 2013 to be released in April

Civil Designer 2013 will take the software to new heights and build on the strength of the 2011 version. With more than 80% market share in Southern Africa and the greatest market share in all the 15 SADC countries, as well as growing market share throughout the rest of the continent, Civil Designer is the only solution for Africa.

The latest version really puts a world of potential in your hands. After all, to realize visions, exceptional engineers need to take advantage of integrated design tools of world-class excellence. Civil Designer 2013 will help you to go beyond expectations!

We are currently doing the final tests to Civil Designer 2013 with some exciting new functionality! We will be elaborating and explaining in more detail in our next newsletter about all the new functionality to come.

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Make sure you purchase additional copies of Civil Designer before the end of the month when we have our annual price increase.

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Well Done to our Clients in 2012

As 2013 gains momentum it is extremely satisfying to see the advantages of Civil Designer being put to great use in so many important projects last year. We would like to congratulate clients of ours whose civil engineering projects received awards.

Civil engineers are after all one of the backbones of society and we should all be proud. Below is a list of clients that we know have received acknowledgements or awards from SAICE. We would further like to thank SAICE for producing such an informative magazine (Civil Engineering) and publishing such interesting stories on engineers' achievements.

Brakspruit Bridge Project
GOBA (Pty) Ltd

Upgrading of Ntswanatsatsi
Bovicon Consulting Engineers

SSI Engineers, Arcus Gibb

Upgrading of Koeberg Interchange
HHO Africa

Kraaifontein Waste Management Facility
Jeffares & Green

KwaMsane Community Access
Goba (Pty) Ltd

Meulwater Treatment Works

St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Markgraaff Pedestrian Bridge
Vela VKE Consulting Engineers

Mvoti River Pipe Bridge Crossing Project
BKS (Pty) Ltd

University of the Free State

We have renewed our CPD points

We have recently reapplied for our Continual Professional Development (CPD) points and have had this extended till 2015 with ECSA and SAICE.

For all engineers, technologists and technicians who wish to acquire and retain your professional registration status, you will continue to acquire the following CPD points by doing one of our training courses:

Civil Designer: Conversion Course 2 days 2 points
Civil Designer: Design Centre 2 days 2 points
Civil Designer: Survey Terrain 1 day 1 point
Civil Designer: Roads 1 day 1 point
Civil Designer: Sewer 1 day 1 point
Civil Designer: Stormwater 1 day 1 point
Civil Designer: Water 1 day 1 point
Civil Designer: Adv Roads 2 days 2 points
Civil Designer: Turn 1 day 1 point

New software sold up 38% in 2012!

With an increase in sales of new software sold of 38%, Knowledge Base's software is the only choice for the African Continent.

Our retention of clients (this excludes the above new sales to new clients) has been approximately 97% for the last 5 years. Studies show that a client retention rate in excess of 95% guarantees an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction in the sector. Our extremely high retention rate puts us amongst the top global companies in the world and lets us know that we are doing things right.

CIVIL DESIGNER - Double your usage by purchasing just one extra module

A big advantage with Civil Designer is the fact that by purchasing an extra copy of Design Centre you can maximise your usage of the software and have access to all the modules without having to purchase them all a second time. For example, if you own all 8 modules for one designer, all you have to do is purchase a second copy of Design Centre and you can have 2 designers accessing all of the modules.

You don't have to purchase the whole entire package again and double up on all modules, thereby costing you an arm and a leg. If you want to have 3 designers in your company designing, then you only need to own 3 copies of Design Centre and can split all the modules between the designers on one network dongle. One person can design using Roads, another with Survey and Terrain, and a 3rd can use the Sewer, Storm or Water module. If you need to have 2 of the designers working on Roads at the same time, then you will just need to purchase an additional Roads module on top of that.

This is a huge cost saving and is a benefit of true integration between design modules. We are after all, always thinking ahead on how we can help you.

Best Support in the Industry According to our Clients

Our support service has always been one of our core aspects that sets us apart from the competition. We realise the importance of not only offering the best possible software solution on the market, but also the importance of quality support that adds value for the user. Time and time again we hear of how our support is the best in the country from our clients who know they can always rely on us. At the end of the day we are not just a reseller and don't give our clients empty promises just to make a sale. Our continual relationship with you is so important to us that it forms the backbone of our company culture.

That's why our Support Centre is the only dedicated one in the country where we have individuals whose sole responsibility is to answer support calls. By being a Civil Designer user, you get this important benefit of dealing with the company that develops and distributes your software.

Civil Designer Preferred By Our South African Clients In Australia

We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from Australia by South African clients that have worked with Civil Designer previously but are now forced to use an Australian software package with their new employers.

Even though they have learnt to use the local software, they just can't help but wish that their companies would change to Civil Designer. If you are a South African living in Australia we welcome your continued feedback on the competitive advantage we have and are willing to offer all Australian companies a 50% cross grade discount if they switch to Civil Designer.

Feature Focus
Trench Volume Calculator

After designing a pipeline using the Pipe Alignment functionality available with the Survey & Terrain or Roads modules of Civil Designer, you can plot long sections, determine clashes with other services and use the Trench Volumes function to calculate earthworks quantities.

The Trench Volume Calculator works out the earthworks volume for the pipeline trench broken up into various material types and for different pay depths. Trench lengths for each depth increment will also be calculated. You also have the option of setting pay depth increments for calculation. After the information is entered, the routine produces a listing of volumes for each depth increment from manhole to manhole.


We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Knowledge Base Team

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contact0860 101 999   (SA only)
New Tech Tip
Uneven Chainages

Uneven Chainages
This tech tip explains how to add uneven chainages into your road. When designing a road in Civil Designer, the road is coordinated at round chainages i.e. 0, 10, 20 , 30 etc. Civil Designer also allows the user to insert additional chainages into the road, this is very useful if chainages of intersections, or culverts need to be inserted. Read more.

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For those of you that are up to date in your subscriptions this year, look forward to receiving 2013 when it is released in April. Donít get caught out by falling behind in your subscriptions and having to pay more to get back on board.

Super fast import of DTM points
Super fast import of 1,3 million DTM points in under a minute!

Civil Designer 2011 will easily handle 25 million points and more and can import 1,3 million DTM points in under a minute. There are very few design programmes that can come close to matching this speed! The next version promises to be even faster!

Better for Africa
Fully supports local design standards & local terminology making your life easier!

Civil Designer fully supports local design standards and terminology. Easy to calculate your quantities according to SABS 1200 & COLTO standards.

The software comes preloaded with South African Standards.

Industry leading Sheetfiles
Industry leading Sheetfiles speed up your productivity. They are like Drawing Templates that create your layout immediately and cut your CAD time by 95%

With our sheetfiles you can define exactly what your drawing looks like and standardize your output across offices. Our powerful sheet files allow you to define exactly what the final production drawings should look like, saving you hours of postproduction CAD editing.

Sheet files can include other drawings, complete title blocks with company logos, data lists and annotations. The improved Sheetfile Editor makes it easy to create and edit these sophisticated drawing templates.

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