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Countdown to 2011 Launch
With just 36 days until Civil Designer 2011 is launched we will be letting you know what you can expect from the new version over the coming weeks. For those of you that have been with us for the last 21 years, you may recall the significance of the “Stardust to Civil Designer Upgrade!” Well, the move from Civil Designer 6.5 to Civil Designer 2011 promises to be just as BIG! We have after all been very hard at work on this version.

From now on we will be releasing version upgrades annually again as we now have the titanium strength DTM/CAD engine that is built to last for the next generation. It was not something that could be done quickly if we were to do it right and to the standard that you have become accustomed to from Knowledge Base. We have always had the advantage of a more powerful engine, and now we are streets ahead. The engine will be able to handle more data, more images and more points than any of our competitors.

So, we can’t wait to see many of you at IMESA 2010. Feel free to come chat with us if you have any questions and wish to take a look at the new software.

New Feature Focus for 2011 version
Dynamic Sheet files & Production Drawings that automatically update on the fly with automated Key Plan
Civil Designer 2011 offers powerful dynamic auto-updating sheet files that allow you to define exactly what the final drawings must look like. These will now automatically reflect all drafting and design changes instantly, allowing you to make better informed decisions and choose design alternatives that optimize the project at hand. You can quickly produce visualizations for clients that remain in sync with design changes as they are made. Civil Designer will then automatically generate all your final plans ready for plotting which are dynamically linked to the design and are instantly updated on the fly as changes are made.

Our powerful sheet files are very easy to use and the dynamic updating further makes them a sought after tool that speeds up design time and aids the engineer or technician. We know you are going to really enjoy this!

Civil Designer further generates a Key Plan for all your drawings automatically. For instance if you have 250km of roads, which is broken down into 50 drawings that have a 5% overlap, a Key Plan will be automatically generated to show you where that specific drawing fits in to the whole design.

Civil Designer clients are happiest in Africa
Independent Research Survey by UCT
The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Business Science Honors Students conducted an in-depth investigation into client relationships in a Business to Business market and reviewed our company and software products for their annual thesis project. This was an independent research survey which received the largest amount of responses that the UCT Marketing Faculty has ever had to date in their entire history for such a project. We are ecstatic to see the results as they confirm that our software as well as our relationship with you is very highly regarded in the industry. This proves that there is no other design software that compares in terms of customer satisfaction.

UCT Independent Research Survey 2009. Supervised by Professor
Gert Human, Marketing Lecturer, School of Management Studies at UCT.

With Civil Designer 2011 about to be released end of October at the IMESA conference, we look forward to even further improving this relationship with you and impressing you over the years with the continual ongoing development that is linked to your needs in the industry.

Why Our Support is the Best in the Industry
Our support service has always been one of the major aspects that has set us apart from the competition. Time and time again we hear of how our support is the best in the country from our clients who know they can rely on us.

The fact that we prefer to deal with you directly in combination with our ongoing attitude to support, has been a key role in contributing to the unbeatable standard that we offer you. With our account managers and support consultants visiting your offices and offering onsite support (which is rarely done in the industry unless you pay a fortune), further backed by telephonic, email and remote support as well as regular Tech Tip Tutorials, Workshops and Newsgroups, you can rest assured that you have fast access to localized support when you need it most.

All this comes included as a service to all that are up to date with their subscriptions. At just the cost of 15% of the price of our software you get access to all these benefits as well as receive the latest version of Civil Designer at zero cost when it is released. With the launch of Civil Designer 2011 in October, now is the time to make sure you are up date with your subscriptions and beat the rush.

We further suggest that you book your 2011 conversion training course now as these courses will fill up rapidly due to the huge demand for them!

SAICE Annual Golf Day (East London)
What a Day it was!
  The Golf Day held in East London for all SAICE's Amathole Members, Staff, Clients and those involved in the civil engineering industry was one of those days where one truly got to unwind and
enjoy a day in the sun, drinking beers, mingling with fellow clients, consultants and contractors, as well as play a bit of golf and have some friendly competition. We would like to thank André Naudé from Stemele Bosch and all those involved for putting together such an excellent golf day!

The event was a huge success this year attracting regular golfers and non-golfers. We further would like to congratulate our winners who won the Civil Designer and AllyCAD four day training courses that were given out as prizes in the lucky draw.


For all those that missed the event we would certainly suggest you try make it next year! Here's hoping for fantastic weather again!

Training Activities
If you require training, please call us to discuss your needs. All courses are CPD and ISETT SETA accredited.

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(Head Office)
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Tech Tip

Bedding Classes
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Buhrein Estate Development

All the road designs for the project, incorporating the proposed traffic circles, dualling, intersection improvements and extensions were done by EFG's technician Gideon Hahn, whose experience has been in the geometric design of rural and urban roads. Read more


Civil Designer saves you time by assisting you through the whole design process. A few examples of the program's intutive and time-saving design features include:
  • Handling of large scale bitmaps and integrated CAD functionality;
  • Dynamic earthwork design functionality with built-in design criteria and libraries;
  • Powerful network demand functionality using number of people and per capita demand with immediate insight into pipe size requirements;
  • Sheet file customization tools which allow you to define exactly what your drawings must look like. This hugely minimizes the amount of required CAD drafting time!


Civil Designer 6.5
- Build 15 patch files (17/03/2010)
- Build 15 patch files (17/03/2010)
- Build 15 (17/03/2010)
HASP Driver Update
- (19/12/2009)


You can now own Civil Designer via a 'Lease to Own' payment option over a 12, 24 or 36 month plan. This option is available to South African clients only. Please email for details.


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