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There are a total of 54 fully recognised states in Africa that form the AU (African Union). Civil Designer is used in 17 of those countries directly within specific companies/municipalities that are BASED there. On top of this we are also used in many more African countries than what is on this list. For instance, we have over 50 clients that we know of who have work in African countries that we don’t list as being involved in simply because their head offices are BASED elsewhere.

With more than 80% market share in Southern Africa and the greatest market share in all the 15 SADC countries, as well as growing market share throughout the rest of Africa, Civil Designer is the only solution for Africa.

We are proud to see projects such as whole new towns such as Port Harcourt (Nigeria), several African Corridor projects, Zambian road upgrades, entire railway line upgrades throughout Namibia to Angola and so much more that we simply can’t keep up with keeping tabs on it all.

Training gone wild – Book early to avoid disappointment

This year has been a booming training year for us. Our training team is hardly managing to keep up with the training demand. We have 4 fulltime trainers and looking to take on more! So far we have trained more than 530 clients in South Africa this year. That figure excludes the international training that has happened throughout Africa. Our guys have being doing extensive training in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana too, with other African countries in the pipeline for the rest of the year.

No other vendor has such a training demand and we are happy to see that once again that Civil Designer is the preferred solution for civil engineering infrastructure design.

CESA Presedential Golf Day 2012

The CESA annual golf day proved to be a great success for us to network with CESA members and our clients. While the wind may have affected the golf to a slight degree, it was a great day for all. If only all business could be conducted on a golf course, that would be nice. We hope you all enjoyed the free drinks and snacks at our sponsored hole.

PDNA Golf Day

We would like to thank PDNA for inviting us to their annual golf day. It was a great day as well as being for a worthy cause at the same time. The 2 beneficiaries of the event were the Drakenstein Palliative Hospice Butterfly House and the Hospice Palliative Care Association.

PDNA was established in South Africa in 1986 and has since developed as a market leader in engineering and technology solutions, for both South Africa and Africa.

HHO AFRICA provide us with their Civil Designer project showcase stories

At Knowledge Base we are proud to showcase the achievements of our successful clients who continue to make a big difference through the work they do and through the experience and knowledge that they pass onto all who work within their company. HHO Africa ( is a well established and broad based consulting civil engineering company, recognised for their excellence in planning and design through numerous awards for technical excellence, innovative and environmental sensitivity. With their motivated, versatile professional engineers, technologists, planners and technicians, they are able to meet the needs of their clients, and help them improve the quality of life for so many who benefit from their infrastructure projects.

We would like to thank HHO Africa for letting us re-showcase their project stories. Their projects will appear on our website in the near future and some of them can be viewed in the right-hand column of this newsletter. If you would like us to do the same for you, feel free to contact us at

CIVIL DESIGNER - Double your usage by purchasing just one extra module

A big advantage with Civil Designer is the fact that by purchasing an extra copy of Design Centre you can maximise your usage of the software and have access to all the modules without having to purchase them all a second time. For example, if you own all 8 modules for one designer, all you have to do is purchase a second copy of Design Centre and you can have 2 designers accessing all of the modules.

You don't have to purchase the whole entire package again and double up on all modules, thereby costing you an arm and a leg. If you want to have 3 designers in your company designing, then you only need to own 3 copies of Design Centre and can split all the modules between the designers on one network dongle. One person can design using Roads, another with Survey and Terrain, and a 3rd can use the Sewer, Storm or Water module. If you need to have 2 of the designers working on Roads at the same time, then you will just need to purchase an additional Roads module on top of that.

This is a huge cost saving and is a benefit of True Integration between design modules. We are after all, always thinking ahead on how we can help you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

CIVIL DESIGNER – Would you like training on our industry leading Sheetfiles?

We are continually told how impressive our Sheetfile functionality is in Civil Designer. We want to make sure that all clients are familiar with this functionality and able to benefit from them. What we are interested to hear from you is whether you would be interested to come on a half or 1 day training course on our sheetfiles? If we get enough interest we will look into offering such a course. If you are interested, please email us at

Engineering calculations you can trust

Civil Designer has been written by engineers for engineers. Our software is developed from 24 years of experience and continual learning from engineers giving you sound functionality that you can trust.

Furthermore, our sales and support staff have technical backgrounds in the field. We understand your needs, your work and what is needed to ensure you complete successful design projects. Just another benefit of dealing direct with the developers and sole distributors of your software.

Till our next quarterly newsletter,
The Knowledge Base Team



Creating a DTM from a Contour Drawing

Creating a DTM from a Contour Drawing
This tech tip explains how to create a DTM from a contour drawing. In the ideal situation, the survey data provided for a design is in ASCII format, provided by either the client or a surveyor. In some circumstances data in this format is not possible. Sometimes the only information that is available is old drawings that have contours on, and this information has been digitised or scanned and saved as a drawing. The contour lines on the drawings need to be polyline, i.e. if you select the line in CAD the entire contour needs to be selected. Civil Designer tracks the cad line and places points along the line.



Ysterplaat Air Force Base
The approximately 100 000 m of concrete apron at the Ysterplaat Air Force Base constructed in 1940-42 had deteriorated...


N11 Section 10 Upgrade Middelburg To Loskopdam

N11 Section 10 Upgrade Middelburg To Loskopdam
The National Route N11 (Section 10) is a single carriageway which links the towns of Middelburg (km 0) and Groblersdal...


Claremont Boulevard

Claremont Boulevard
Claremont CBD has been a growth point with an ever increasing need for improved public transport...


Langeni Viaduct

Langeni Viaduct
The road from Ugie provides an important link from the high lying farmlands & forests, to the Langeni Sawmil...

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