Civil Designer 2011
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Civil Designer 2011

Civil Designer's robust platform puts the ultimate design solution at your fingertips, bringing you all the advanced functionality that you expect from a fully fledged, fully integrated civil engineering infrastructure design system.

Designed for infrastructure services
Civil Designer is far more than an advanced tool for drawing infrastructure. It is first and foremost a design platform that functions in a graphical environment. At all times you have full control, supported by all the information you require to make informed decisions and deliver the optimum design.

Platforms and bulk earthworks are a snap in the Terrain module with cut/fill optimization and SABS 1200 volumes. Drainage flow paths and dam holding volumes are also useful tools.

Both the Sewer and Storm modules take into account the hydraulic and geometric relationship between different branches in the network to calculate optimal culvert sizes, levels and slopes based on your design criteria.

The Sewer module will also calculate the position and level of erf connections as well as the inflow into the network based on the inflow classes including population based attenuation with infiltration as a percentage of inflow or per length of culvert.

Runoff events can be simulated in the Storm module using the Illudas, Rational or SWMM models with comprehensive dual runoff modelling with partial or total flow capture, local storage at inlets, overflows to other nodes and a full reservoir routing analysis available to attenuate runoff.

Similarly, the Water module will automatically assign demands for each node proportionally to the lengths of the adjoining pipes and even draw information from external consumption and tariff tables. The ability to simulate multiple reservoirs, pump stations with up to 8 parallel pumps with pressure, level or time-based control, and an extensive list of control valves allows you to design complex fluid handling networks.

The services database can be used to indicate the positions of crossing pipes/cables/services on long sections, layout plans as well as the vertical alignment control window. This allows you to avoid potential clashes early on in your design.

The Roads module has been extensively used to design single and dual carriageway roads of over 250km in length. The ability to split horizontal and vertical alignments and profiles with intelligent batter selection based on cut depth or fill height allows you to design roads through extremely difficult terrain. It also performs sight distance analysis and calculates speed profiles to determine climbing and auxiliary lanes. Other design elements include TRH17 alignment and super-elevation criteria, TRH4 pavements and SABS927 kerb libraries.

New powerful 3D CAD engine
Civil Designer 2011 runs on a new graphics platform that includes numerous improvements in addition to allowing you to work in either a 3D or 2D environment. It is much more powerful than the widely respected Civil Designer 6.5 offering you even greater productivity. So look forward to the following benefits:
  • Full DWG, DXF and DGN compatibility
  • Blocks (symbols)
  • Xrefs (embedded drawings)
  • Switch between multiple views of your drawing or project
  • Edit, cut and paste between views and drawings
  • Named viewports to quickly zoom into areas of interest
  • Auto-updating layouts keep design and drawings in sync
  • 3D entities with rendering and light shading
  • Control Centre for easy access to blocks, hatch, text, dimension and line styles, DTM surfaces, display centre.

Full compatibility with DWG, DXF and DGN
Civil Designer runs on our new titanium strength 3D CAD platform that is fully compatible with DWG, DXF, DGN and other drawing formats. Line styles, hatching, fonts, inserts, Xrefs, paper space, model space, live layouts and viewports will all be handled without problems. In addition we also support Caddie CEX, Arcview SHP and Ultimate Cad UCX files.

More powerful DTM
The digital terrain modelling component has been optimized to import 1,3million points in under a minute and can handle more than 16 million points. No other design system can handle large data sets with such ease and speed.

Huge data and image handling ability
Civil Designer is renowned for supporting multiple large bitmaps such as aerial survey photographs or ortho-photos as backdrops to your design. High-level presentations are handled professionally, as bitmaps, 3D views and 3D drive-through's give you the edge on your competition.

Sheet files save you hours of work
Our powerful sheet files allow you to define exactly what the final production drawings should look like saving you hours of post-production CAD editing. Sheet files can include other drawings, complete title blocks with company logos, data lists and annotations. The improved Sheetfile Editor makes it easy to create and edit these sophisticated drawing templates.

Production drawings update on the fly
Our system will also automatically generate all your final plans as dynamically updating layouts which will reflect all drafting and design changes instantly so that your design and production drawings are always in sync.

Automated Key Plan generation
If you have 100km of highway or a town layout that requires multiple sheets, Civil Designer will generate a key plan to show you where a specific drawing fits in to the whole design with a specified overlap between drawings.

Greater productivity
Every aspect of Civil Designer is designed to get the job done easier and faster, and to make you more productive.

The heavyweight design functionality combined with the ability to track the spatial relationship between design elements and identify issues in your design such as pipe day lighting and clashes with crossing services allows you to focus on the design itself.

But above all, we have ensured that the system remains easy to use and extremely robust, giving you absolute control over every aspect of your design, the way it should be!

With over 21 years of ongoing development based on feedback from top engineering firms and municipalities, Civil Designer is the South African standard for infrastructure design with unbeatable local support and training that sets us apart from all others in the industry.

Our Promise To You
Civil Designer 2011 provides you with an advanced toolset for all aspects of infrastructure design backed by extensive supporting calculations. This functionality, which is far superior to any other design system, makes it the only choice for civil engineers who need to maximize their productivity and drive service delivery.

Our close relationship with you sets us apart from the competition and is essential in developing a civil engineering infrastructure design system with innovative functions and real benefits that impact directly on your productivity.

Our support is regarded as the best in the industry. Our attitude to support is quite simple. We know that time is money, and if you have a problem then we have a problem. We will do everything we can to help you resolve the matter as soon as possible.

The South African Infrastructure Design Standard
Civil Designer is the software of choice for over 80% of infrastructure designers in Southern Africa. It has been used extensively by both large and small engineering consultancies in upgrading South Africa in general as well as for the 2010 World Cup including the following projects:
  • Green Point Stadium, Cape Town
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban
  • Nelson Mandela Stadium, Port Elizabeth
  • Soccer City, Johannesburg
  • Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit
  • Quality Public Spaces throughout SA for 2010 World Cup
  • M5/Koeberg Interchange design
  • Hospital Bend Pre Selection Lane upgrade
  • R21/N1 interchange freeway alignment & widening
  • Lynwood interchange freeway alignment and widening
  • R300 Link
  • Gautrain Rapid Rail Link
  • The King Shaka International Airport
  • N4 Nelspruit Bypass
  • Nasrec 2010 Infrastructure Developments
  • N1 Johannesburg Western Bypass Widening
  • Kei Rail Project
  • N2 Gateway
  • Chapmans Peak Drive
  • Gansbaai Coastal Developments
  • Coega Development Zone
  • Waterkloof Air Force Base
  • East London IDZ
  • Durban Harbour
  • Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Visserhok Solid Waste Landfill Site
  • Integrated Rapid Transport (IRT)
  • N1 North and South freeway and bridge widening
  • N3 North and South freeway and bridge widening

And virtually every other important highway, road and town infrastructure project.



Design Centre
DESIGN CENTRE: Combines an industrial strength CAD engine with a powerful Digital Terrain Modeling program for all the functionality to produce your final drawings.
  • Fully compatible with DWG, DXF & DGN formats
  • Southern and Northern Hemisphere coordinates
  • Use multiple aerial photographs as design backdrop
  • Multiple project views, drawing layouts & viewports
  • Embedded drawings (Xrefs), coordinate tables
  • Unlimited DTM size with128 surfaces
  • Super fast import of 1,3m DTM points in under 1 min
  • Intelligent breakline generation, fast triangulation
  • Feature lines form permanent break lines
  • Interfaces with data capturing devices & instruments
  • Automatic updating of production drawings
  • All the CAD functionality required for final drawings

Survey & Terrain
SURVEY & TERRAIN: Dynamic and interactive strings-based earthworks and dam design with contours, slope and height shading and SABS 1200 volumes.
  • Multiple terraces, cut/fill optimization, dynamic update
  • SABS1200 volumes in depth increments
  • Catchment area and drainage flow path analysis
  • Convert polylines to DTM points
  • Trench volume calculator
  • Dam water volume calculated with one click
  • Crossing services on plan, long & cross sections
  • Extract long & cross sections along any alignment
  • Powerful survey reduction routines
  • Survey calculations, error figures and control surveys
  • Helmert and Geo-Topo transforms
  • Rendered 3D views with image overlays, contours and fly-through

ROADS: Interactive embankment design & area calculations for urban streets, single & dual carriageway roads, railways, airports, harbours and parking areas.
  • Handles more than 250km of road effortlessly
  • Graphical or spreadsheet design tools
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment according to TRH17
  • Intelligent profile for multiple cut fill conditions
  • TRH4 pavement classes and Pavement Designer
  • Standard SABS927 kerbs, Editor for custom kerbs
  • Minimum sight distance check with full 3D analysis
  • Climbing & auxiliary lane analysis, speed profiling
  • Road rehabilitation function
  • COLTO or SABS1200 volumes with layerworks
  • Creates layout plan, long/cross sec, crossing services
  • Regression alignment of analysis of single / dual carriageways

SEWER: Foul water network analysis and design with erf connections which takes into account the spatial and geometric relationship between different branches.
  • Flow classes, Harmon formula, hydrograph inflows
  • Calculates attenuation according to population
  • Dynamic time simulation, multiple inflow hydrographs
  • Infiltration by percentage flow or by length
  • Pump stations, up to 4 pumps with various controls
  • Standard and user defined culverts
  • Culvert hydraulics using proportional flow depth
  • Analyzes flow, overflow, capacity, velocity, depth
  • Calculates optimal culvert size, slope, in/outlet levels
  • SABS 1200 quant, bedding material/selected backfill
  • Culvert clash analysis with crossing services
  • Generates layout plan with pipe schedule & long sections

WATER: Analysis and extended time simulation of large fluid handling networks including reservoirs, pump chambers, valves and all pipe types.
  • Demand patterns for cities, villages, communities, etc
  • Link external data, consumption, tariff details etc
  • Customizable pipe database, define pipe types/sizes
  • Pump stations with up to 8 pumps in parallel
  • Pumps control by pressure, water level or time-based
  • Show results graphically, in tables or time curves
  • Also view reservoir levels and pump duty points
  • Hydraulic and pressure contour plotting
  • SABS 1200 quant, bedding material/selected backfill
  • Culvert clash analysis with crossing services
  • Generate layout plan, pipe schedule & long sections
  • View velocities, flows, pressures, losses, hydraulic grade lines

STORM: Runoff event network analysis and design module that calculates runoff, infiltration losses, flows, overflows and detention storage with reservoir routing analysis.
  • Supports Illudas, Rational & EPA SWMM runoff models
  • Simulate dual runoffs, partial flow capture/ overflows
  • Provision for detention storage at inlets
  • Standard and user defined culverts
  • Graphically define catchment areas, attrib. from DTM
  • Attenuate runoff - detailed reservoir routing
  • Hydraulic routing, Continuity or Time Shift method
  • Analyzes flow, overflow, capacity, velocity & depth
  • Calc optimal culvert size, slope, inlet/outlet levels
  • SABS 1200 quant, bedding material/selected backfill
  • Culvert clash analysis with crossing services
  • Generates layout plan with pipe schedule and long sections

CAD: Provides extended 3D & 2D drawing functionality for intensive draughting applications including our specialized toolkits that speed up time-consuming procedures.
  • 3D /lightweight polylines, blocks, Xrefs, multiline txt
  • 3D func. meshes, faces, solid shapes, rendering
  • Extended modify functions: stretch, mirror, cut/rub
  • Multiple parallel lines, definable styles, line-arc-line
  • Database attributes link entities, replace text items
  • Convert geometry to entities for complex shapes
  • Powerful selection filters select entities by attributes
  • Specialised Toolkits that enhance your productivity:
  • Survey - SG diagram, general & sect plans, COGO
  • Architectural - faster drawing of houses & buildings
  • Mechanical - incl fasteners, shafts, gears, parts list
  • Structural - hot/cold rolled steel sections and building grid

TURN: Provides simulation of low speed turning manoeuvres along a specified tracking path for cars, trucks, articulated vehicles, trailers, commercial aircraft and forklifts.
  • Dynamic Simulation of tracking paths
  • Multiple vehicle libraries including TRH17 criteria
  • User Configurable Vehicles
  • Easy track path definition and creation
  • Define way points along the track path
  • Smallest turning circle calculation
  • Cargo Point tracking function
  • Projecting load clearance analyzed
  • Forward and Reverse movements
  • Plot output graphs and data tables
  • Track path to CAD layer with test profile
  • Works with existing CAD entities



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