Civil Designer 2011 - Build 11


Civil Designer 2011 build 11 has been released. It comes with the usual speed enhancements as well as implementing a number of improvements. Make sure you are running the most current version of our software as it continues to evolve and cement our number 1 position in offering the best civil engineering infrastructure package on the market. Download the build 11 patch here >>.

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Best Support in the Industry According to our Clients

Our support service has always been one of our core aspects that sets us apart from the competition. We realise the importance of not only offering the best possible software solution on the market, but also the importance of quality support that adds value for the user. Time and time again we hear of how our support is the best in the country from our clients who know they can always rely on us. At the end of the day we are not just a reseller and don't give our clients empty promises just to make a sale. Our continual relationship with you is so important to us that it forms the backbone of our company culture where we are always seeking ways to add 10 times more value for our clients than the competition.

That's why our Support Centre is the only dedicated one in the country where we have individuals whose sole responsibility is to answer support calls. We know that time is money, and if you have a problem then we have a problem. We will always do everything we can to help you resolve the matter as soon as possible.

By being a Civil Designer user, you get this important benefit of dealing with the company that develops and distributes your software. Below are some of the benefits for all clients that are up to date in their annual Subscription contract:
  • Telephonic Support
  • Email Support
  • Remote Support
  • Tech Tip Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • User Group Meetings
  • Visits To Your Office
  • Support Forum
We also have training staff that are available to do onsite support at your offices when their schedule allows it. This onsite support will incur an extra cost and is only available to users that have been on training. The above support service combination is unheard of in the industry and has given us an unbeatable reputation. Contact the support centre here >>

Civil Designer - Leading the way forward in Infrastructure Design Software

Civil Designer is simply growing from strength to strength as we continue to improve the software in leaps and bounds. We have a very experienced research team which focuses on the needs of our clients, changes in the industry, anticipating future trends of civil engineering infrastructure software, and more importantly, how we can do things better than the competition.

We believe that many of our competitors are going to struggle in the future as their software simply can't handle the amount of data that is needed today. In 2008 we began an intensive 3 year development process to ensure that our software can handle more data than any other software package in the industry. Popular CAD competitors that are global players and have branched into civil engineering software are struggling to have CAD/DTM engines sufficiently powerful enough to handle this future need.

We, on the other hand, have just broken new records for civil engineering design software data handling ability. In one of our clients latest projects, Civil Designer handled over 25 million points (25,726,508 to be exact) from a LIDAR survey. The data was required for the 400km railway design needed for the Kranzberg - Tsumeb railway line in Namibia.

What is more important is that you don't need a super computer either to handle large quantities of data. We have managed to ensure that Civil Designer requires half the RAM of our competitors. We have simply developed a highly efficient and supercharged CAD/DTM engine to take our software into the future.

This pro-active approach forms part of our philosophy of anticipating our client's needs and staying way ahead of the competition.

New Tech Tip Tutorial

Learn how to design with each plot displayed under a new tab and how these plots can be dynamically updated as the design is modified.

Build 11 also allows you to generate separate drawings if preferred.

View the tech tip here >>


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