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Invest in Training before Year-end

Civil Designer training will give you confidence in using the software's latest features and result in reduced design time for every subsequent project that you face. Learn how to take advantage of some of the new features in the latest version such as:
  • Significantly improved drawing speed and large dataset handling
  • Faster redraws of roads and intersection volume calculations
  • Improved Strings Translate to DTM function
  • Extended Component Libraries
  • Using the Vertical Alignment Editor to graphically select the manhole and specify the drop, soffit, invert or 1/2 pipe condition, as well as set ratio slopes
  • Editing erf connection/subcatchment parameters of a group of selected entities simultaneously to reflect local design characteristics
  • Graphically Trimming water pipes in a similar fashion to CAD entities
  • The Bends and Junctions analysis feature now displays angles reduced to standard values and creates a summary of all fittings grouped by types and sizes
  • Water objects are now plotted on longitudinal section and reservoirs, pump stations, valves and other object are drawn on the longitudinal section in the proper position and scale
  • New Air and Scour Valves option to automatically insert air and scour values in your network
Click here to see a full list of the new features included in version 8.0.

These are just some of the advantages of investing in Civil Designer training courses which are all SAICE CPD accredited and conducted by qualified industry experts. You may also be interested to know that if you book more than 6 people on training we can provide a cost saving of 15%. This applies to training at one of our equipped training venues or at your own offices if you prefer. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

Feature Focus - Strings Translate in 8.0

Translate to DTM

The Strings Translate to DTM function has been significantly improved in 8.0. You may now translate a single road or all the visible roads in one operation. Previously all roads would have to be translated individually before pipe services could be accurately designed in the merged ground.

Feature Focus - Components Libraries in 8.0

components in 8.0

In version 8.0 more components have been added to the Component Library giving even more versatility. There are now 7 new concrete side drains and a library with brick paving footways, complete with layerworks and quantities.

Client Showcase

dual carriageway upgrade


UWP Consulting has started implementation of one of its largest road projects to date following an extensive design process. The project will see more than 33km of the N2 national route in KwaZulu-Natal upgraded from a single-carriageway road to a dual carriageway freeway.

The R946 million project is one of the biggest road infrastructure developments undertaken by SANRAL in KwaZulu-Natal and is aimed at coping with the increased traffic volumes on one of the country's key arterial roads.

Following extensive analysis of the traffic demands and geotechnical context, UWP Consulting decided to increase the road carrying capacity by widening the road to a four-lane dual carriageway. According to UWP technical director Ron Isaac, Civil Designer's powerful road module features enabled the design process to be completed efficiently.

Civil Designer 8.0

If you are still using an older version of our software, we'd like to help you get up to date. All our licenses are perpetual. Unlike some software providers, we believe that your software is a valuable asset and you should own what you purchase! Bringing your license up to date will give you access to the latest features and functionality.

Knowledge Base prides itself in continuing to provide the software, support and training that equip you to successfully tackle the projects you face. Contact us if you would like a quotation to bring your subscription up to date and upgrade your license for the latest version.

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next monthly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Civil Designer 2014
Please note Civil Designer 2014 is no longer supported and that build 9 is the last update for this version. Our support centre staff are available to assist you if you are using newer versions of the software.

New Tech Tip
Air and Scour Valves

Air and Scour Valves

This Tech Tip explains how to use the new Air and Scour Valves option to automatically insert air and scour values in your network. The tech tip also explains how excess valves can be removed by adjusting the longitudinal section so as to create the most economical solution. View the tech tip here.

Updated Tech Tip
Pipe Routes

Defining a pipe route

This Tech Tip explains how to define a pipe route and view the route in plan view. It has been updated to include enhancements in recent versions of Civil Designer which allow the allocation of chainage distances on pipe routes. View the tech tip here.

Latest Updates
Civil Designer 8.0
- Build 3 (2016/10/18)

- Driver Update (2015/10)

Grant for BEE companies
The Department of Small Business Development offers up to 80% off the cost of your software. This is offered to all enterprises that are majority black South African owned. The maximum grant amount you can qualify for is R212 500 towards the procurement of Civil Designer.

Additionally a grant for training on the software for up to R37 500 ex VAT per company is available. While the process can take several months, we are able to lease the software out to you in that period so you can get immediate access at little cost. To qualify for this opportunity your company will need to meet various requirements.

Please contact me about the grant.

Knowledge Base was recently represented at the SAICE annual awards function to receive the 'Most Supportive Advertiser Magazine Award' for the year 2015. Knowledge Base has received the award for five years in a row and we are pleased to maintain such strong ties with the South Africa Institute for Civil Engineering.

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