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Easy pump selection

In earlier versions of Civil Designer, pump selection required some trial and error steps in order to identify the candidate pumps. In version 8.0, you can set the fixed delivery requirements of your pump stations. Based on the head results of the initial analysis you can then identify the most suitable pumps.

Easy pump selection

You can narrow the candidate pump list by selecting maximum, minimum or average head. Select maximum head to ensure that the pump will be able to deliver the required flow in all situations or minimum head to protect the pump from over-running. Average head should work best in most scenarios.


Importing 'As-Built' Data

The Water module in version 8.0 allows 'as-built' data to be imported directly. This means that both the horizontal and vertical alignments for an unlimited number of pipes can be imported in one go. Previously, importing as-built data would involve appending pipes to a water model and then importing the as-built longitudinal sections of the new pipes via the Vertical Alignment window.

This feature is also useful at the design stage where the pipe horizontal alignment is known, but the DTM is not available. In this case the surveyor can provide a strip survey along the pipe route and supply one comma delimited file. Once the pipe properties are added to the file it can be imported directly.

Client Showcase

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality appointed MBSA Consulting to undertake the design, contract documentation and construction monitoring for the upgrading of the Mdantsane gravel roads to surfaced standards over a total distance of 66km of road.

dual carriageway upgrade

Professional engineering technologist Themba Twenani explained that "Civil Designer, and particularly the latest version, allowed us to manage this project very effectively. The rolling terrain made access to properties difficult but the software's component and template editing functionality meant that we were able to address this challenge. We are also very happy with the time-saving features associated with Road Strings which have simplified the design process for us."

Civil Designer 8.0

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Tech Tip
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Convert String Road to DTM

This Tech Tip explains how to convert a strings road to a DTM surface. It is possible to translate a single road or all the visible roads in one operation. View the tech tip here.

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Latest Updates
Civil Designer 8.0
- Build 4 (2016/11/28)

- Driver Update (2015/10)

Training & User Groups
We hold regular User Group sessions to provide demonstrations and to assist clients get up to speed with our software's latest functionality. Contact us to request a User Group at your offices.

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Civil Designer Training Schedule

Grant for BEE companies
The Department of Small Business Development offers up to 80% off the cost of your software. This is offered to all enterprises that are majority black South African owned. The maximum grant amount you can qualify for is R212 500 towards the procurement of Civil Designer.

Additionally a grant for training on the software for up to R37 500 ex VAT per company is available. We are able to lease the software out to you during the application period so you can get immediate access at little cost. To qualify for this opportunity your company will need to meet various requirements.

Please contact me about the grant.

Civil Designer 2014
Please note Civil Designer 2014 is no longer supported and that build 9 is the last update for this version. Our support centre staff are available to assist you if you are using newer versions of the software.

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