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New In The 2015 Water Module

With many new major features soon to be released in the upcoming version, we will keep you up to date with what you can expect. The following are the new Water features which will be included in the soon to be released 2015 version.

    Major new features
  • Boreholes;
  • Water Quality Analysis;
  • Pipe Routes;

  • Pre-calculation of required pump duty point to assist with pump selection;
  • Generation of System Curves;

    Graphical functionality
  • Drawing pipes parallel to CAD lines or polylines;
  • Trimming pipes to pipes;

    Plan view
  • Drawing chainages along pipe routes;
  • Displaying coordinates and angles on horizontal alignment points;
  • Displaying any additional user selectable info next to alignment points

    Vertical alignment window
  • Quicker pipe selection using pipe routes;
  • Vertical alignment smoothing;
  • Indication of air and scour valve positions;

    Longitudinal section
  • Bend angles: Horizontal, vertical and compound;
  • Pipe direction;
  • Bedding class;
  • Minimum and maximum hydraulic grade lines in addition to current grade line;

    New plotting functionality
  • Auto define plan views along pipes when drawing combined Water longitudinal section and plan;
  • Plotting pipes contained in a road reserve while plotting a road;

    Pump catalogue
  • Inclusion of Mono positive displacement and Franklin submersible pumps

Focus on 2015


Although boreholes are common, they are poorly represented in the world of hydraulic modelling solutions. Modelling a borehole as a fixed inflow is inadequate and modelling it as a combination of a pump and a fixed pressure node is inaccurate.

Addressing this shortfall, borehole hydraulic modelling now has its own standalone design functionality in Civil Designer. The new functionality will allow the designer to:
  • Easily define a borehole using the new graphical interface;
  • View all the relevant hydrological report properties, which will be listed in a separate data page;
  • Model a vertical column with an optional pump shaft;
  • Include the option to model a borehole pump as a fixed discharge for preliminary design, or to obtain required duty point before selecting the pump;
  • Include the option to specify drop-down vs discharge curve;
  • Pump selection based on pre-calculated duty point;
  • Option to adjust pump speed to exactly match required duty point;


Click to view borehole hydraulic modelling screenshots.

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2014 Project Awards
We would like to congratulate our clients who gained civil engineering project awards. Last month we included projects completed by our clients which were commended for outstanding achievements. This month we would like to commend UWP Consulting for their success in receiving SAICE's nomination as a finalist in the 'International Projects' category for the following project:

Ruvu Water Treatment Plant

Expansion of the Lower Ruvu Water Treatment Plant in Tanzania.
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