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2015 Focus - Stockdale Roundabout Design

Civil Designer has two different methods for designing traffic circles: ADD ROUNDABOUT and ADD MINI-CIRCLE. The difference between the two methods is summarised below:

  • More than 4 incoming legs
  • Can be non-circular
  • Leg & circle road separation
  • Uses Stockdale method
  • Defined by CAD input
  • Kerb lines can be any shape
  • Mini-Circle
  • Up to 4 legs
  • Circular only
  • Primary road runs through mini-circle
  • Circle draped onto intersections
  • Restricted to specific settings
  • Circular Kerb lines

  • Civil Designer's incorporation of the Stockdale Method involves:
    1. Indicating crown lines on the roundabout circle and approach roads such that they coincide. These points of contact are called 'kiss points'.
    2. Calculating the chainage of each kiss-point along the circle crown line, using one of the kiss points as the starting point.
    3. Plotting the start and end point at each approach crown line on a long section (on the same chainage system).
    4. Creating an s-curve for each approach line using the kiss points and the known grades.
    5. Finally, determining the circle crown line (red alignment below) by fitting a spline through all the kiss-points.

    Stockdale method

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    New YouTube Tutorial Video

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    This function calculates the levels at chainages along a vertical alignment that is defined in terms of known vertical points of intersection (VPIs). View the video below.

    If you don't have access to YouTube you can download this video here.

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    Tech Tip Tutorial
    Google Earth Grid

    Google Earth Grid

    This tech tip explains how to create a Google Earth Grid and then import the grid into Civil Designer. Read this tech tip.

    Client Testimony
    Digistics Warehouse Project

    Digistics Warehouse Project

    Civil Designer was used on the current Digistics Warehouse Project at Coega Zone 1 in Port Elizabeth.

    Senior Technician Solly Solomon of Aurecon explains that "the easy to use Terrain, Water, Sewer and Storm modules, with their time saving tools help us tackle projects ilke this with efficiency." Civil Designer was used for the terrain modelling, sewers, stormwater and fire reticulation modelling.

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