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Roads Strings Course (1 Day)

Dear Civil Designer Client,

We are contacting you cause you have been on our Roads training course and we have some important information for you. We would like to help to make your life easier and take you to the next level by increasing your productivity nearly 100 times over.

We are offering a 1 day Road's String course from the 1st July when our 2014 version is released. It is going to be booked up really fast! We have already had over 400 clients express interest in this course without us even advertising. Once clients have seen the 2014 Civil Designer demo in action, they want to start using the Strings functionality straight away!

We did a demo for GIBB and they signed up with us for the next 3 years they were so impressed. The competition simply can't do what Civil Designer can do, and our 2014 version leaves the competition firmly in the dust.

Your Life just got Easier!
  • Intersections can now be modelled within seconds.
  • Our intersection wizard has default South African standards built into it, thus ensuring it's not just any 3D model but a 3D model that meets the South African Engineering expectations.
  • Once a typical intersection has been created using the Civil Designer wizard, the setting can be saved and applied within seconds to other new intersections.
  • With the plot generate routine, a plan layout with setting out details can be produced, within seconds.
  • An existing modelled intersection can be edited using our wizard and changes are applied quick and easily.
  • The general time spent on an intersection, from "start" to "contractors setting-out drawing" is 3 minutes!
Modelling an intersection in other software takes 3 hours, per intersection. Another 2 hours is needed to manually harvest/ create points that drape the intersections DTM and then apply labels to the points, and then generate a table to setting-out details. CIVIL DESIGNER 2014 can both Model the intersection AND produce construction drawings within seconds! So start benefitting from this advantage and book you training course NOW!


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Roads Strings
What if you could do a whole intersection from start to finish, and by that we mean having contractors drawings set out, in just 3 minutes or less!

Civil Designer 2014 makes this possible and we would like to let you know about our 1 day "Roads Strings" training course to be offered to all those that have attended our Roads training course on the 2011-2013 versions.

This "Roads Strings" course is a specialized one for clients that want to truly be Roads professionals in South Africa and benefit from this incredible new way of completing projects in our software.