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Civil Designer 2014 - No 1 Infrastructure Design Package!

This is simply the most exciting time ever for Civil Designer with the build up to the launch of Civil Designer 2014. We are near the end of our Beta stage having tested the software heavily from every angle by ourselves and our clients. At this stage we are looking to release in June/July this year.

The digital terrain modelling component has been optimized to import over 4 million points in less than 1 minute and can handle more than 95 million points, compared to the 25 million points of the 2013 version. Civil Designer can further triangulate over 6 million points in under a minute and it's just getting faster! We also provide a tool to strip down LIDAR surveys into useful DTM models.

Civil Designer 2014 will give you the fastest urban road design program in the industry including intersections and traffic circles! Not only will you be able to design roads more easily, but you will still continue to design the way you do now, simply and easily reaping the benefits of the new design functionality. We are bringing to you the ultimate roads design tool! We literally can complete various exercises 5 times faster than the competition in recent tests!

Our 2014 version brings some exciting enhancements with a strong focus on Roads and Bulk Earthworks design while strengthening our Stormwater, Sewer and Water modules that are already way ahead of the competition.

The 2014 version is starting to make companies relook at what they think an infrastructure design package should be. In a recent international showdown for 'GIBB Engineering and Architecture' against all other software competitors, we revealed functionality and features to management that they did not even know existed or was possible in Infrastructure Design!

GIBB IIG Standardizes on Civil Designer after assessing all other software

Our 2014 Version was tested against all other competitor software packages in an intense showdown back in July last year. We are talking about a meeting of the heavyweights, and we found out that there is actually only 1 heavyweight in the industry, and that is Civil Designer which ranks number 1.GIBB IIG have been a loyal client since 1990 but felt the need to extensively assess all other software available to them. It was a big 'shoot-out' with our competitors even flying in their best guys and software users.

We not only completed the tests that GIBB IIG requested, but also decided to show GIBB IIG what our software is really capable of. We were able to explain impressive features that GIBB were not aware of and demonstrate functionality that they did not realise was even possible within the scope of infrastructure design software.

It led us to realise that we need to reach out to our clients to ensure that they are all keeping up with the potential already within Civil Designer! We are therefore asking all management decision makers to get in touch with us again so that we can organise software demonstrations which will enhance your productivity.

Contact us at and arrange for us to come and show you what your software can really do!

Intersections in Civil Designer 2014

Designing intersections can be a time consuming and difficult process in any site design. Previously the designer would have to manually model the bellmouths and produce the setting-out drawings for the intersections. Now the modelling process through to the final drawing is all automated with the aid of road strings and the new updated sheet file generating tool. Intersections in Civil Designer 2014 will provide a significant cost and time saving tool for you! Take a look at our Youtube video in the following section.

Civil Designer Intersections

See how fast you can design an intersection!

Take a look at the following short 36 second clip (real time) to show you how fast you can do an intersection in our 2014 version! Now that is exciting! (Note this clip provides a demonstration but does not include any narrative sound.)

If you do not have access to YouTube you can download the video clip here.

New - YouTube Tutorial Videos

The success of our AllyCAD video tutorials has led to the introduction of a new series of Civil Designer introductory video tutorials to be made available via YouTube. The first two videos in the series have already been made available and you can view them here:

Importing ascii data

If you do not have access to YouTube you can download this tutorial video clip here.

Generate a dtm using triangulation

If you do not have access to YouTube you can download this tutorial video clip here.

View other Civil Designer video tutorials here >>

Training Schedule for 2014

Take a look at our busy training schedules for 2014. Simply scroll down on our training page

To arrange additional dates not on our schedule, please contact a training co-ordinator to see if we can organise additional training sessions.

See what our clients are saying about our training on our feedback page. It is time to learn to maximise your productivity with Civil Designer!

Feel free to contact us on 021 7011850 to make a booking.

Huge increase in DTM points import speed with Civil Designer 2013!

This is a reminder that the following tests were done on a standard, average spec laptop used by our account manager with the following results. Make sure you have downloaded the latest Build (Build 6) to benefit from this! Our soon to be released 2014 version promises even better results!

TEST 1 Multiple files (7 files with average size of 22MB)
Civil Designer - Build 3 3 348 327 11 min 54 sec
Civil Designer - Build 4 3 348 327 1 min 33 sec

TEST 2 Single file import
Civil Designer - Build 3 1 435 240 1 min 23 sec
Civil Designer - Build 4 1 435 240 29 sec

Click here to view how to import multiple DTM point data sets >>

Download BUILD 6 of Civil Designer 2013 from our updates page >>

Civil Designer 2013 - Water Module Feature Focus

The demand for water in a water supply system varies with time (the usual terms are hourly and seasonal fluctuation in demand or in consumption). The daily water demand distribution is modelled by means of hourly coefficients, that is the water use in any particular hour of the day, is given as a ratio of the daily average. The demands may be multiplied by the seasonal peak factor, if appropriate. This will have the effect of increasing all the demand values by the seasonal peak factor. Typically, hotels would experience variation in water demand during the holiday season. In rural areas the seasonal increase in water usage would correspond with the dry period etc.


You can create multiple databases which can contain information regarding crossing services, for example sewer pipes, stormwater culverts, electrical layouts, telecommunication cables etc. The crossing services will be displayed on the vertical alignment editor as well as the layout plan and long section.


We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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6.5 Version no longer supported
Unfortunately the time has come that Civil Designer 6.5 will no longer be supported by Knowledge Base. Most other software vendors retire your software after just 3 years and stop supporting it. We have supported these version for nearly 6 years! If you are still using these old versions, now is the time to upgrade to the latest 2013 version. Contact to organise your upgrade.

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