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We trust you all enjoyed a relaxing break over Easter and feel refreshed to tackle the rest of the year head on. More importantly we are happy to see that there appears to be a strong drive towards focusing on service delivery from the recent municipal elections in South Africa. This can only benefit all our South African clients as it should mean that there will be more work and opportunities on the horizon.

Now is the time for all municipalities to step forward and focus on service delivery. Infrastructure creates jobs and boosts our economy and supplies essential services to all South Africans. This should not be about who is in control, but about what is good for South Africa and its people. Skills need to be improved and delivery must be accelerated.

We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, let's make South Africa truly great!


Civil Designer 2011: Build 6 & Hotfix RELEASED

We have released Build 6 (April 20th 2011) and a Hotfix (May 6th 2011) which has some significant improvements for all Civil Designer 2011 clients. Visit our updates page on the Civil Designer website to download the latest build if you have not already done so. For those that have enabled Civil Designer to prompt them when a new build is available, you should be aware of this latest release.

Build 6 of Civil Designer 2011 optimises the operational speed of the program. We further give you another 29 specific enhancements while also continually refining the software to work better, faster and remove all minor bugs.

To view a more detailed report, take a look here.


New Customer Showcase

The Cosmo City housing development project was seen as a benchmark for a new model to low cost housing that aimed to create integrated and mixed land use closer to urban and transport centres, rather than on the metropolitan edges, which effectively reinforce marginalisation and poverty. Read more

Cosmo City

Feature Focus

Previously Civil Designer only allowed for toe-line banks to be shown in the plan layout. It is now possible to include any number of banked areas in the plan view. This assists the designer where multiple bank configurations are required.

Multiple banks

Civil Designer's CAD module user base expanding

Civil Designer 2011 runs on the new 3D AllyCAD engine. The powerful functionality of AllyCAD has also been incorporated into Civil Designer's CAD module which operates seamlessly with all the other Civil Designer design modules.

The AllyCAD user base is currently expanding significantly all over the world and the software is becoming the preferred CAD of choice for many engineers in Australia, Belgium, Canada, USA and Sweden. AllyCAD already has a huge reputation in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Should you wish to add this powerful CAD module to your current Civil Designer system, please contact us at info@knowbase.co.za.

Major overhaul for municipalities – good news for infrastructure?

Johannesburg – Co-operative Governance Deputy Minister Yunus Carrim says new legislation which will link the powers of municipalities to their ability to deliver is being prepared, the Business Day reported on Tuesday.

Carrim was speaking at a Helen Suzman Foundation roundtable discussion on local government, where he indicated that a major overhaul of local government structures was on its way. He said the changes would include increased funding to councils which would be linked to their ability to deliver.

Many district municipalities in poor areas are unable to raise funding to provide services to their communities, and are increasingly dependent on national government grants to fund their operations.

SAICE - Infrastructure Report Card (South Africa 2011)

The 'SAICE Infrastructure Report Card for South Africa 2011' was officially launched on 5 April. This report is a collective opinion provided by civil engineering professionals at SAICE on the current condition of infrastructure assets.

In 2006 SAlCE released the first ever Infrastructure Report Card (IRC) on the state of engineering infrastructure in South Africa. The report highlighted "the observations of the professionals responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of our nation's life-support system". Overall, it gave the nation's infrastructure a D+ grade.

Take a look at the latest 2011 Report Card to see how we have improved or worsened in the last 5 years.

View Pocket Sized Report (2 pages)
View Full Report (36 Pages)

Update Your SUBSCRIPTION and Receive 2011

Make sure your subscriptions are up to date so that you receive Civil Designer 2011. If you are not up to date and want to receive the latest major release, please get in touch with us at info@knowbase.co.za.

Get CPD POINTS through CIVIL DESIGNER training

If you've not conducted any training this year, the new Civil Designer 2011 conversion course alone will give you 2 CPD points. The following table gives you a breakdown of the Civil Designer outcomes based training courses available from Knowledge Base, all of which help you to maintain your professional registration status with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

2011 Conversion Course 2 days 2 points R4800.00
Civil Designer: Design Centre 2 days 2 points R4560.00
Civil Designer: Survey Terrain 1 day 1 point R2280.00
Civil Designer: Roads 1 day 1 point R2280.00
Civil Designer: Sewer 1 day 1 point R2280.00
Civil Designer: Stormwater 1 day 1 point R2280.00
Civil Designer: Water 1 day 1 point R2280.00
Civil Designer: Adv Roads 2 days 2 points R4560.00

Please request a training information pack and booking form using the contact details below. Alternatively visit www.civildesigner.com/training.asp for more information.

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Fixing a Corrupt DTM

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How to load an old Civil Designer project in version 2011

This Tech Tip explains how to load an old Civil Designer project in Civil Designer 2011. READ MORE > >


Civil Designer 2011 (Build 6) is available. Please make sure you download the latest build from our Updates page.

Civil Designer 2011
- Build 6 Update (2011/04/20)
- Build 6 Hotfix (2011/05/06)
- Help Documentation (8/04/2011)


SAICE Excerpt

The Durban Heights Booster Pump Station (BPS) has been built at the head of the Northern Aqueduct, a water main (initially 1,6 m NB concrete ‘Soccoman' pipe, thereafter more than 100 km...

Goba – Published by SAICE: Civil Engineering Magazine - Feb 2011 issue. VIEW ARTICLE > >

The Bethlehem Hydro project involved the construction of two hydropower stations on the Ash River near Lesotho at two separate sites...

Aurecon - Published by SAICE: Civil Engineering Magazine - Dec 2010 issue.

Driven by strong winds and hot conditions, a devastating bush fire swept through the Tsitsikamma National Park in 2007, resulting in the polywood tourist pathway catching fire and burning at high

Aurecon – Published by SAICE: Civil Engineering Magazine - Dec 2010 issue.

The R8,4 billion King Shaka International Airport outside Durban is the first greenfield airport of its kind to be built in South Africa, comprising state-ofthe-art aerodrome...

Goba, PDNA, BKS – Published by SAICE: Civil Engineering Magazine - Dec 2010 issue.

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