Our Number 1 position in Civil Engineering Infrastructure Software
Civil Designer's strengthened Number 1 position is contributing to an unprecedented surge of new interest in our software across the African continent. We are experiencing the 'nice-to-have' problem of excessive demand. This is especially true of Civil Designer and AllyCAD training bookings which are flooding in. We have already had over 500 training days in the first quarter of this year! Yes thatís 500 training days in just 3 months! As a result we are pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of equipping new trainers to take on the extra demand of our clients to be fully trained on the current version of Civil Designer.

On top of the increased surge to own our software, we are experiencing a high number of maintenance renewals as CIVIL DESIGNER 2011 has been fine tuned and super charged through Builds 1 to 12. Our retention of clients (this excludes sales to brand new clients) is over 96% for the last 5 years. The 4% we lose includes companies that have gone out of business since 2008. According to studies, a client retention rate in excess of 95% guarantees an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction in the sector. With keeping a 96% client retention during this current era of recession, it puts our company up there with the top global companies in the world!

Our software has been designed more robustly and better than our competitors as we needed our software to function in African conditions. As a result we can handle DTM's of over 25 million points, over 400km of roads, and huge sewer, storm and water network infrastructure works. We also fully support local design standards. Our competitors simply canít do this. Thankfully we were pushed in this direction in the early days as Africa is our home turf. This has set us up to be able to handle more data than our competitors which sets us apart from them in this era where clients expect their software to be able to handle more and more data.

CIVIL DESIGNER is now entering new territory in which the competition no longer has a leg to stand on. With our large penetration of government and quasi-government organisations and huge client list that has grown exponentially in Africa, we are proud to let you know that you have clearly chosen the design software that is most widely used in Africa and is the preferred choice of nearly all civil engineers and technicians.

Increased pressure for Infrastructure Spend
Minister in the Presidency responsible for National Planning, Trevor Manuel, gave new momentum to the need for SA to make use of its infrastructure budgets this month. He told delegates at the yearly Bureau for Economic Research (BER) conference, in Johannesburg, that SA's competitive advantages would only be realised by SA's focus on developing and maintaining infrastructure. He also highlighted the current under-spending of infrastructure budgets across all nine provinces.

We are looking for your feedback
As part of a current study for the future development of our 2014 version (Civil Designer 2013 to be released at the end of this year), we would like to get your feedback on the following questions. We will be sending the first 20 responses as well as the best 5 responses a 4GB USB stick.
  • What do you LIKE about our software?
  • What do you DISLIKE about our software?
  • What would you like us to IMPROVE and ADD IN to specific software modules?

Free workshop user-groups
Are you interested in booking a product demonstration or interactive Q&A session at your company to run through what Civil Designer 2011 can do? There is no charge for this and it is an added service to our existing clients. Call (021) 701-1850 or email details of the Civil Designer features to be explored to info@knowbase.co.za and request a workshop. We will try to meet nearly all requests if possible.

Till our next quarterly newsletter,
The Knowledge Base Team



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Civil Designer 2011 (Build 12) is available. Please make sure you download the latest build from our Updates page.

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