AllyCAD and Civil Designer 2013 year End

Civil Designer Number 1 in Africa & beating the international competitors

Times are changing here at Knowledge Base. Not only are we number 1 in Africa, but we are getting more and more enquiries from large international companies that have already wasted time and money on non-performing or inferior products from competitors and have now heard about the power of Civil Designer through word-of-mouth.

The fact is that civil engineers are hearing that Civil Designer simply gets the job done faster and better than what they are currently using. With our 2014 version we are looking forward to creating quite a stir internationally with significantly enhanced functionality to get the job done better and faster.

This year has certainly been massive for us, in terms of new software sales and the highest client retention ever. With our latest software developments everything has started to come together the way we knew it would. The ongoing development of 2013, which forms the stable foundation of the 2014 version, as well as huge improvements in power and functionality in the 2014 version is starting to make companies relook at what they think an infrastructure design package should be.

At the end of the day, we have always focused on our software development with true benefits to our clients. Why do you think that a company, with as many clients as we have throughout Africa and internationally, only spends less than $21 000 (approx R218 000) on all our marketing/advertising/conference activities, yet is number 1 in Africa? Some of our competitors spend this amount on advertising in a day trying to get you to buy their products! Instead we believe in pumping most of our energy and profits into increased software development and have our support staff travelling around to assist you when you need it most. We let our software speak for itself and love that it is promoted by word-of-mouth by our loyal clients that use it and know its power.

Sneak preview of an intersection in the 2014 version
Sneak preview of a roundabout in the 2014 version

We have really pushed hard this year to bring you the right functionality with advanced calculations and true integration to make sure our software remains the best infrastructure design software available on the market. Our 2014 version brings some exciting enhancements with a strong focus on Roads and Bulk Earthworks design while strengthening our Stormwater, Sewer and Water modules that are already way ahead of the competition.

Civil Designer 2014 will give you the fastest urban road design program in the industry including intersections and traffic circles! Not only will you be able to design roads more easily, but you will still continue to design the way you do now, simply and easily reaping the benefits of the new design functionality. Our intersection design will put one big smile on your face. We have further secured a highly experienced road specialist who has used all roads design packages as a real-world evaluator and we will be working with him on an ongoing basis over the next year adding the best features of all packages into Civil Designer. We want to give you the ultimate roads design tool.

We have also worked hard to ensure that our digital terrain modelling component can import over 4 million points in less than a minute and can handle more than 95 million points compared to the 25 million points of the 2013 version. Civil Designer can further triangulate 6 million points in under a minute and it's just getting faster the more we work and tweak it! We also provide a tool to strip down LIDAR surveys into useful DTM models.

So here is to hoping you all have a relaxing Christmas and New Year. We will chat more in 2014 and look forward to always going beyond your expectations.

Software & Subscription Sales increase year after year for a quarter of a century!

We are extemely happy to see that we are continually doing things better in both new and current clients' eyes. We have experience positive growth year after year for a quarter of a century. Few companies can say that, and we would like to thank every single one of you. Our hard work and dedication to give you the best possible solution is clearly paying off. Again this year we witnessed an increase in both our Software Units sold and Subscription units as we spread through the African continent as well as globally.

With our busiest quarter still ahead of us, and with the exciting buzz in our office as we approach the coming release of our 2014 version... we can only be excited about the year ahead. We hope you are too!


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Our Support centre is available every week day over the December holiday period excluding SA public holidays. The support hours are 08h00 to 17h00 Central African Time (GMT + 2 hours). The Support Centre can be contacted via email at or on the following numbers:
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From our CEO

As this year draws to its close, I thank all of you for your loyal support. You will continue to have my full commitment that we will help you complete your projects on time by giving you the best tool possible to complete your designs and get the job done through our software, support and training.

I also look forward to touching bases with you in the new year as I plan to consult with our clients to establish exactly what we can do to give you the best infrastructure design tool available.

I hope that you have a great rest with your family and friends as it has indeed been a very busy year for many.

We here at Knowledge Base will be open throughout the holiday season to offer you support if you happen to be working.

Seasons Greetings and kind regards.

Lastly, we would like to honour a truly great man, thank you Nelson Mandela!

Last week a great man closed his eyes. A man that stood for love and was highly honourable and extremely charismatic. A man not to be forgotten and who makes us all proud to be South Africans. A man who was an icon to the world and whose presence was felt when you were around him. A man who stood for good morals and made a difference. Thank you Nelson Mandela. May your soul rest in peace and may we make you proud as we build this nation over time into what it should be in the coming years.

"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead."   Nelson Mandela

The Knowledge Base Team