To all our friends in business, thank you for making this such a good year for us. We look forward to continually going beyond your expectations in 2013.
Vincent Bester, CEO, Knowledge Base Software
AllyCAD and Civil Designer 2012 year End

Knowledge Base – Number 1 in Africa

To all our friends in business, we wish you a festive season over the December Holidays as you sit back, relax and look back on this year.

At Knowledge Base it has been a rewarding year for us as we see our client base growing steadily. We have cemented our number 1 position in Africa this year which has made us proud.

Our software has simply been designed more robustly and better than our competitors as we needed it to function in African conditions. As a result we can handle DTM's of over 25 million points, over 400km of roads, and huge sewer, storm and water network infrastructure works. We also fully support local design standards. Our competitors simply can’t do this.

New software sold up 32% this year already!

With an increase in sales of new software sold of 32% and an increase in Subscription contracts, with still our busiest quarter left being Jan/Feb 2013, Knowledge Base's software is the only choice for the African Continent.

Our retention of clients (this excludes the above new sales to new clients) has been approximately 98% for the last 5 years. Studies show that a client retention rate in excess of 95% guarantees an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction in the sector. Our extremely high retention rate puts us amongst the top global companies in the world and lets us know that we are doing things right.


AllyCAD 2013 to be released this month

When we envisioned creating AllyCAD, we wanted to give the world a better CAD. One that was a user-friendly experience that allowed you to design the way you want to as well as being capable of any requirement or challenge.

We wanted to give you a CAD package that had the most powerful, robust and reliable CAD engine that the world could offer. An engine that is fine tuned and supercharged by the intelligent code that runs through it, allowing it to handle 5-10 times more data than any comparable programme.

AllyCAD 2013 is exactly that! With three years of intensive development, followed by an additional two years of CAD engine fine tuning with continual feedback from clients, we are proud to give you the most powerful and robust AllyCAD in the history of the software. Our 2013 version is simply the strongest CAD version we have ever released and it is one of the biggest things to happen to AllyCAD since it all began 24 years ago.

We will be releasing AllyCAD 2013 this month for those that really want it. We will be officially shipping in January 2013.

Civil Designer 2013 to be released early next year

Civil Designer 2013 will take the software to new heights and build on the strength of the 2011 version. With more than 80% market share in Southern Africa and the greatest market share in all the 15 SADC countries, as well as growing market share throughout the rest of Africa, Civil Designer is the only solution for Africa.


Knowledge Base Support Centre

Our Support centre is available every week day over the December holiday period excluding SA public holidays. The support hours are 08h00 to 17h00 Central African Time (GMT + 2 hours). The Support Centre can be contacted via email at or on the following numbers:
• 086 0101 999 (South Africa only)
• +27 21 7011850 (International Clients)

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From our CEO

As this year draws to its close, I thank all of you for your loyal support. You will continue to have my full and serious commitment that we will help you complete your projects on time by giving you the tools to do the job through our software, support and training. We are continually striving to improve our service to you.

We hope that you have a great rest with family and friends. We here at Knowledge Base will be open throughout the holiday season to offer you support if you happen to be working.

Seasons Greetings and kind regards.

The Knowledge Base Team