Civil Designer 2011 - Build 11


Civil Designer 2011 build 11 has been released. It comes with the usual speed enhancements as well as implementing the below improvements. Make sure you are running the most current version of our software as it continues to evolve and cement our number 1 position in offering the best civil engineering infrastructure package on the market. Download the build 11 patch here >>.

  • Rotation arrow and angle text added to Plot Generate "Move" function.
  • Preview windows in style dialogs now use the current pen colour.
  • Added an option to have selection carried out in AllyCAD 3 style. The setting can be made on the Legacy Options page of System Settings, which now also contains the other legacy settings that used to appear on the General Page.
  • Added an option to have mouse wheel scrolling act in the opposite fashion to normal. Scrolling forward will then de-magnify and scrolling backward will then magnify. This allows the user to select the style with which they are most familiar. The setting can be made on the General page of System Settings.
  • Text background mask shape now matches the text's frame shape.
  • Coordinate Table function now allows editing of points names as they are added.
  • Hatch selection: Changed sensitivity of single-click hatch and other "filled" entity selection. Introduced a precedence (highest to lowest priority) for other "filled" entities as follows: (Text -> Hatch -> Solid -> Image -> OLE Frame -> Viewport).
  • Added Wait Cursor function to the script Document object in order to toggle wait cursor (hourglass) display for long running scripts.
  • Disallowed selection of dark gray (or nearby colours) as a drawing or layout background colour as the cursor contrast colour stopped the cursor from actually being seen.
  • Added a registry setting to allow the user to specify the folder to be used for most temporary files. This must be set manually, contact Support for details on what must be done.
  • Autosave renamed to Crash Recovery to prevent confusion as to what that function is actually doing.
  • Added Survey Origin getter/setter to Drawing Settings in the script language.
  • The pick functions (TAKELINEPEN, PICKSETTINGS, PICKTEXTSETTINGS and PICKHATCH) now offer to apply the picked settings to all relevant entities in the current selection, if any.

  • Survey & Terrain - Speed improvement incorporated for DTM blocks display setting.
  • Survey & Terrain - Multiple Strings dialog given double-click support to quickly select and OK.
  • Survey & Terrain - Contour .cn7 file is now saved with the project for File SaveAs.
  • Roads - Use the Terrain line style scale setting in the Display Settings for the road lines as well.
  • Roads - Speed up Pipe Alignment redraw
  • Roads - Roads display list recalculation's speed has been improved after closing the display settings dialog.
  • Sewer & Storm - Improved longsection plotting data extraction to scan for lowest subnet number instead of assuming subnetwork 1.
  • Sewer & Storm - Improved distance calculation for finding node text items in Convert Drawing Entities.