Going from strength to strength
Civil Designer's strengthened Number 1 position in Africa is contributing to an unprecedented surge of new interest in our software both locally and globally. Experiencing exponential growth of this kind as well as keeping a 96% client retention rate puts our company up there with the top global companies in the world!

With over 23 years of ongoing development based on feedback from top engineering firms and municipalities, and the fact that our software has been designed for African Conditions, we are able to offer more robust and powerful software than our competitors.

This means Civil Designer can handle DTM's of more than 25 million points, over 400km of roads, and huge sewer, storm and water network infrastructure systems.

Double your usage by purchasing just one extra module

A big advantage with Civil Designer is the fact that by purchasing an extra copy of Design Centre you can maximise your usage of the software and have access to all the modules without having to purchase them all a second time. For example, if you own all 8 modules for one designer, all you have to do is purchase a second copy of Design Centre and you can have 2 designers accessing all of the modules.

You don't have to purchase the whole entire package again and double up on all modules, thereby costing you an arm and a leg. If you want to have 3 designers in your company designing, then you only need to own 3 copies of Design Centre and can split all the modules between the designers on one network dongle. One person can design using Roads, another with Survey and Terrain, and a 3rd can use the Sewer, Storm or Water module. If you need to have 2 of the designers working on Roads at the same time, then you will just need to purchase an additional Roads module on top of that.

This is a huge cost saving and is a benefit of True Integration between design modules. We are after all, always thinking ahead on how we can help you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

We are your business partner

Nearly all our staff members have technical degrees and are not simply sales or support people. We therefore have the knowledge to help you complete your projects on time, every time. There are very few (if any) software developers that you can call and ask to add a new function and they will look into it! When you are under pressure to perform, Knowledge Base will deliver and go out of its way to customise a solution for you in the shortest time possible.

We have the number one dedicated support centre on the African continent. With us you deal direct and don't have to deal with a reseller who is really not interested in giving quality support.

Africa is our home continent so our software uses local engineering terminology and not American. Our software is also designed for both the Southern and Northern Hemisphere survey coordinates and we fully support local design standards making your life easier.

Feature Focus: Industry leading Sheetfiles

With our sheetfiles (drawing templates) you can define exactly what your drawing looks like and standardize your output across offices. Our powerful sheet files allow you to define exactly what the final production drawings should look like, saving you hours of postproduction CAD editing. Sheet files can include other drawings, complete title blocks with company logos, data lists and annotations. The improved Sheetfile Editor makes it easy to create and edit these sophisticated drawing templates.

Functionality Focus for Surveyors
When preparing a layout of erven that contains many corner splays, Civil Designer has a routine to make this easy. The chamfer and dashed offset lines are drawn, put onto the required CAD layer and all trimming of lines is done for you.

A highlight of ours is our automatic survey dimensioning routine. Give it a typical general plan layout of erven and road reserves, Civil Designer will give each erf side a length and bearing dimension. It is intelligent enough to get the clockwise rotation of bearings inside an erf always correct, and to know whether the dimension belongs within an erf or to straddle a common boundary. Once this is complete it is easy to generate a SG diagram quickly.

Chat to one of our Key Account managers to find out about more functionality that helps surveyors such as our intelli-lines digital terrain model creation routine, trench volume calculator, Helmert and Geo-Topo transformations, catchment area and drainage flow path analysis, Multiple terraces with cut/fill optimization and dynamic update and so many other great features.

Take advantage of our special training offer

With all the proposed infrastructure spend for 2013, now is the time to invest in your staff's software expertise and efficiency. We are doing an end of year special from 01 September till end of November 2012. If you book 7 people on training we will let you send an 8th person free of charge. Make sure you get hold of us soon to take us up on this offer as our training staff are already pretty booked up. This offer is valid for training at one of our venues or at your office. Please let us know if you are interested in this training offer.

To take a look at what clients are saying about our training, take a look at our training review page for Civil Designer and AllyCAD.

Free user-groups
Are you interested in booking a product demonstration or interactive Q&A session at your company to run through what Civil Designer 2011 can do? There is no charge for this and it is an added service to our existing clients. Call (021) 701-1850 or email details of the Civil Designer features to be explored to info@knowbase.co.za and request a workshop. We will try to meet all requests if possible.

Till our next quarterly newsletter,
The Knowledge Base Team



Jeffares & Green "Civil Designer 2011 is very user friendly and the manuals are top notch. One time I was tasked with designing a water supply network. I'd not used the water module since training, but with your manuals I was able to refresh my knowledge and complete the project in time and accurately." Mthuthuzeli Gqokoma, Jeffares & Green (Pty) Ltd

Ingerop "Civil Designer software is understandable, quick and user friendly. When I get stuck, I always get great support." Richard Ngcoba, Ingerop SA

Engineering Advice and Services "Its local and help is just a phone call away (Brett and Dawid have been extremely helpful)." Steve Mann, Pr Eng Pr CPM, Engineering Advice & Services (Pty) Ltd

CIVIL CONCEPTS "Civil Designer sheetfile and road template editor makes this software exceptionally powerful. The Civil Designer 2011 graphical display is also very user friendly compared to the older versions." Marcel Schröder, Pr Eng (Civil Engineer, Roads Department, Civil Concepts (Pty) Ltd

Transnet "I really like the new updated user friendly layout, especially the properties bar on right for all elements. It makes work better and easier for me. Well done!" David Kuhn, Transnet National Ports Authority (East London)

Bulawayo City Council "Saves a great amount of time and effort for municipal designs and is compatible to most common design sofware & survey software." David T.C. Jana, Bulawayo City Council, Zimbabwe

WSP "Support is excellent and much better than others." Marco Marques, WSP SA Civil & Structural

GOBA "Civil Designer saves lots of time - is very quick and more advanced." Nokonwaba Andiswa Sifumba, Goba (Pty) Ltd (Durban)

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