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Technical Webinar (3) - Design Verification

The next webinar in the CIVIL DESIGNER 8.1 series will explain the software's 3D CAD animation capabilities for visualisation and design verification purposes.

Webinar 3

Calling all Structural Engineers

ALLPLAN Civil Designer South Africa is now the official ALLPLAN distributor and technical partner for Africa. ALLPLAN is a leading European provider of software solutions for Building Information Modelling across the AEC industry with over 240,000 users across 41 countries. We are excited by the opportunities that have already developed as a result of this progressive partnership.

As a technical parner we have been collaborating to ensure efficient interoperability between civil infrastructure, heavy civil and structural design models across CIVIL DESIGNER and ALLPLAN software.

Should you or your Structural Design colleagues be interested in an ALLPLAN Software demonstration we would be glad to provide further information. Please also view this video for an overview of ALLPLAN's capabilities and this video demonstrating the integration of a road design into Allplan Engineering as part of a BIM workflow process.

Feature Focus - Jump to skew cross sections

CIVIL DESIGNER can automatically generate skew cross sections for every crossing service and allows you to step through the chainages of a road and view the cross sections at each chainage in the cross section editor.

Previously, where specific crossing services needed to be interrogated further, it was necessary to step through large sections of the design in order to locate the relevant skew cross section. Now, following the Build 6 update, it is possible to jump to the next skew cross section along the alignment simply by holding the shift key while paging up or down. This feature enables the engineer to quickly find the next crossing service along the alignment which saves time, particularly for long road designs.

skew cross sections

IFC Export Module

CIVIL DESIGNER's Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file export functionality allows you to export all the geometric data in a project as one or more IFC files to be used as part of any BIM workflow process.

BIM Viewer

Our IFC files contain 3D watertight 'solid' model geometry representations of the project's objects with various IFC properties and quantities attached to the 3D objects. These IFC export files can be written from any or all of CIVIL DESIGNER's design and analysis modules, as one or as separate files. The functionality has been developed in collaboration with one of the foremost BIM proponents in Europe, Kier Construction (Infrastructure), UK.

The screenshot above shows a road design, as exported from CIVIL DESIGNER, in the Solibri BIM Model Viewer. Request the IFC export module or read more about BIM workflow integration here.

Online Training Now Available

We are pleased to provide online training for those who are unable to travel to one of our training centres.

A screen sharing browser add-on allows you to interact with the presenter and see his screen. You can follow the course using your installation of CIVIL DESIGNER. We recommend that you have two screens for this purpose.

In order to follow the presenter's instructions it is advisable to run the same version (8.1). Please contact us in advance to update your license if required.

To book, or for further questions contact us.

For any other feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Latest Software Update
Latest build: Release 6 (2018/07/09).

If you are using CIVIL DESIGNER 8.1 you can install the latest update: CIVIL DESIGNER Updates

Contact us if you would like a quotation in order to bring your subscription up to date.

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