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Build 5 is Now Available

The latest release of Civil Designer 8.1 is now available. Make sure to download the update from the updates page. Build 5 contains a number of improvements, enhancements and also new features. View a detailed list here.

Civil Designer 8.1 Student Version

Civil Designer 8.1 Student Version Civil Designer 8.1 Student Version is now available!

You can download and get cracking with the non-commercial version of the software straight away. We have made the download link available on our company LinkedIn page. Please make sure to follow the LinkedIn page so that we can keep you and your educational institution up to date with useful information about the software.

Simulating the Impact of Water Restrictions on Clean and Foul Water Networks

Water and foul water network design can no longer simply rely on empirical draw-offs and flows as stringent water restrictions are changing water consumption patterns and the resultant sewerage flows. Affected municipalities are now forced to keep a close eye on their pressurised and gravity-based pipe networks.

One way to control water usage is to reduce the supply water pressure. However, this is not a simple matter as the reduced supply pressure does not result in a uniform reduction of pressure across the network. Ideally, water networks should be re-analysed to ensure that adequate discharge is still possible at outlying draw-off points and that essential water pressure is maintained to fire hydrants, hospitals and other emergency services. Furthermore, reduced pressure can lead to vacuum conditions that draw contaminants into the system posing a significant health risk.

Simulating water networks with actual data
CIVIL DESIGNER's Water module addresses these challenges by allowing the engineer to analyse draw-offs using the available pressure at specific points in the network. It can also model the impact of reduced usage by importing actual consumption data. The water network can now be re-analysed to simulate the impact of the restricted supply and reduced consumption, and the design can be optimised accordingly.

Consumption Data

Consumption Data Table (click to enlarge)

Read the full article here.

Feature Focus - The Draft Expert

The Survey & Terrain module now has a specialized Draft Expert tool that eliminates a significant amount of time consuming work associated with drawing topographical plans. The Draft Expert can quickly convert coordinate files and total station observations into basic drawings, automatically adding CAD line work and annotations in accordance with your point naming convention. Point to point linkage can also be automated and is made faster and easier.

Read more in this article as recently published in Position IT.

Draft Expert

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Latest Software Update
Release 5 (2018/04/17) is available. If you are using CIVIL DESIGNER 8.1 you can install the latest update: CIVIL DESIGNER Updates

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International Expansion
Following our software demonstrations at the Digital Construction Week in the UK last year and following the establishment of our first offices for Civil Designer International in London, we continue to be excited by the enquiries we are receiving.

Civil Designer International is also continuing to build the existing partnership with ALLPLAN, Europe's premier supplier of BIM solutions for the AEC market.

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