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Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Design within a BIM Model

As an industry leader in the infrastructure design field, Civil Designer has always led the way when it comes to adopting and applying new technologies which contribute to an authentic design process.

Industry Foundation Classes Right now, the Building information modelling (BIM) set of development tools for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data models that describe building and construction industry data are in the limelight and BIM is receiving lots of attention and publicity. It is important to understand that the entire BIM process is 'software agnostic' and BIM compatibility is not the prerogative of a particular software product. The real issue here is the Interoperability of software throughout a complete project workflow which includes design, structural, construction, procurement and maintenance information.

Our developers will ensure that Civil Designer's DWG/DXF compatibility is always maintained. Further, professional engineers who prefer the design integrity of Civil Designer can also be assured that:
  • Civil Designer 8.0 can accommodate a BIM model workflow via IFC data formats
  • They can already provide a detailed DWG that can be used by architectural and structural design teams using third party products such as Autodesk Revit.
  • A current Civil Designer project saved as a DWG, can be opened directly by packages like AutoCAD, Navis Works, Revit and A360 viewers.
  • Civil Designer 8.0 can export to IFC 2.3 and 4.1 files
Civil Designer is actually the fastest and best way to work with external project data because you can save a DWG directly which gives another application such as Revit immediate access to the data via its XREF path. Other software packages require that the DWG is exported to CAD before they can then read it into another application. Contact us if you would like to know more about Civil Designer and project data interoperability.

Feature Focus - Pipe Fittings in Water
Creating pipe fitting schedules was previously a labour intensive task when designing large reticulated water networks. The Water module now creates fitting schedules for each node and bend in the network and automatically updates the lists if pipes are edited.

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings

The fittings can be displayed on the plan next to nodes, next to pipe bends, as part of the pipe route annotations and can be included in the longitudinal section plot. Summaries are also created which can be printed or exported to a spreadsheet.

Civil Designer 8.0

If you are still using an older version of our software, we'd like to help you get up to date. All our licenses are perpetual. Unlike some software providers, we believe that your software is a valuable asset and you should own what you purchase! Bringing your license up to date will give you access to the latest features and functionality.

Knowledge Base prides itself in continuing to provide the software, support and training that equip you to successfully tackle the projects you face. Contact us if you would like a quotation to bring your subscription up to date and upgrade your license for the latest version.

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next monthly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Latest Updates
Civil Designer 8.0
- Build 5 (2017/02/01)

- Driver Update (2015/10)

New Tech Tip
Removing Banks from a Bridge

Removing Banks from a Bridge

This Tech Tip explains how to remove banks under a bridge in a road. View the tech tip here.

2017 Training
"Having reviewed other software packages we prefer Civil Designer. The recent training we completed in January has also assisted us to make faster progress with our current township development projects. We are now planning to book advanced level training for the next session in Windhoek." Bruno Tayo, Civil Technologist, CEPM & Partners, Namibia.

We frequently receive very positive feedback regarding Civil Designer training such as the above.

Make sure to book your 2017 training dates as soon as you can. Please click through to our training schedules or contact us for more details.

Grant for BEE companies
The Department of Small Business Development offers up to 80% off the cost of your software. This is offered to all enterprises that are majority black South African owned. The maximum grant amount you can qualify for is R212 500 towards the procurement of Civil Designer.

Additionally a grant for training on the software for up to R37 500 ex VAT per company is available. While the process can take several months, we are able to lease the software out to you in that period so you can get immediate access at little cost. To qualify for this opportunity your company will need to meet various requirements.

Please contact me about the grant.

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