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Infrastructure Design


CIVIL DESIGNER 8.1 builds on the success of the current version and further extends the infrastructure design functionality that has made it the preferred solution for discerning engineers.

Stay informed about the new and powerful features tools available to you by viewing the 'What's New' tab in the program itself and reading these newsletters over the coming weeks.

CIVIL DESIGNER 8.1 will be released September. Contact us if you would like a quotation to bring your subscription up to date so that you are eligible to receive the latest version.

Introducing ALLPLAN BIM solutions

ALLPLAN ALLPLAN is Europe's premier supplier of BIM solutions for the AEC market and provides a fully collaborative digital experience for an efficient workflow.

CIVIL DESIGNER South Africa is partnering with ALLPLAN in order to provide you with a complete solution from initial survey, through design and production drawings into your management workflow. The partnership will strengthen CIVIL DESIGNER's position as an industry leader of digital collaboration processes for infrastructure design.

8.1 Feature Focus - PRP Hydraulic Analysis

A first for fluid handling network analysis software, CIVIL DESIGNER's WATER module is now to include PRP (Poisson Rectangular Pulse) Analysis. PRP is an advanced hydraulic modelling method that provides realistic patterns of water consumption by simulating draw-off as a series of pulses. Each pulse represents the opening of one water appliance, with a random intensity and duration. The sum of the pulses represents the total required demand within a selected demand pattern.

Here the flow through a pipe supplying 271 connections is represented using PRP analysis.

PRP Hydraulic Analysis

8.1 Feature Focus - SG Diagrams

Land surveyors using AllyCAD have long appreciated the time saving features included in the program's Survey toolkit. Some of these features are now to be included in CIVIL DESIGNER's Survey and Terrain module allowing you to create an SG diagram from a template using the title block and line/text settings as specified in the settings file. Diagrams can be generated on A0, A1, A2, A3 and on double A4 page sizes.

CIVIL DESIGNER 8.1 also allows you to generate a diagram from the Survey Observations and Figures data.

Survey Observations

In this example, the figure is defined from points in your terrain database based on double polars and intersections. Once defined, pressing the Diagram button causes an SG diagram to be generated for the selected figure. The process eliminates the need to trace the figure.

Land and Technical Surveyors interested in making use of CIVIL DESIGNER's time saving functionality for SG diagrams only require Design Centre SME in combination with the Survey and Terrain module in order to access these features at the most cost effective price. Contact us for more details.

Feature Video - Google Earth Export

Export from CIVIL DESIGNER directly to Google Earth to see your project placement.

Feature Video - Sight Distance

Sight distance checking using a rendered road fly-through with fixed distance marker.

Contact us to request more details about the capabilities of the software or to organise a user group workshop at your offices where you can ask questions relating to your specific project challenges.

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Client Testimonial

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate returning to CIVIL DESIGNER. In comparison with the other software I have used, CIVIL DESIGNER is not only more efficient, but also much easier to operate and with an output that I can understand!"

Thanks to your excellent support services I am confident that I will be a CIVIL DESIGNER 8.0 expert in no time. Believe me, you don't appreciate support until you struggle to get any. I am really looking forward to working with you again. Jolanda Coetzee, Technologist Transport, V3 Consulting Engineers



Following a recent road upgrade project on the D'Almeida Link Road in Mossel bay, V3 Infrastructure Technologist Rudi Beeslaar generated a project fly-through presentation displaying the project's geo referenced location via Google Earth, the road widening with above and below road services and the stormwater culvert placement.

"The on-board 3D capability of the software allowed us to effectively present the design aspects to the client" he explained.

Latest Updates
- Build 8 (2017/07/28)

- Driver Update (2017/05)

Tech Tip - LIDAR Thinning
LIDAR Thinning

We provide LIDAR Thinner functionality to process LAS, LAZ or XYZ in order to generate a reduced density grid file that can be imported and worked with far more easily than the original data, while retaining as much of the original data integrity as possible. Read more.

Cost Comparison
Cost Comparison

Following a recent campaign to find out why CIVIL DESIGNER is preferred and why designers who have tried other software soon return to us, we have been able to summarise our findings.

Click through to see the list of reasons and a cost comparison chart.

IFC Export Module
Export your design model into your Building Information Model (BIM) workflow using the open IFC standard. Use intelligent 3D models before construction to resolve design conflicts and save time and money.

Contact us for more information about activating the IFC export module.

Optimise Your Design Skills
MICT SETA Improve your design skills and optimise your productivity by taking advantage of our learner focussed SETA accredited CIVIL DESIGNER training courses.

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