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Knowledge Base Educational Social Responsibility


Over the last few years we have taken a vested interest in the educational development of our secondary and tertiary school learners. This commitment is largely contained in our corporate social responsibility policy, which prescribes an ongoing partnership with various educational institutions.


Currently, more than 95% of all South African Technikons have incorporated our Civil Designer and AllyCAD software with great success into their engineering curriculum. Technikons in the various regions include Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Border Technikon, Eastern Cape Technikon, Free State Technikon, Durban Institute of Technology (DIT), Vaal University of Technology, Technikon Western Gauteng and Technikon South Africa.


We also have a long-term joint venture with secondary institutions in light of the CAD component in ‘Curriculum 2006’. Our decision to help the Department of Education with the implementation of AllyCAD in secondary schools is part of a two-year plan to enable skilled and proficient teachers to teach this world-class product to the next generation of civil engineers.


We are committed to inspiring design excellence and offer various incentives. Recognition to top achievers is afforded in the form of the Civil Designer and AllyCAD Certificate of Merit, Trophies and Cash prizes.


We will be featuring various Educational leaders in the upcoming showcase stories. Be sure to look out for them!



Nodes and Links in Sewer


In Civil Designer, the graphical functions allow you to easily insert nodes and links, make changes to an existing layout by moving a node, change the flow direction, or even query a node or link with a simple click of the mouse. These functions can however only be used if the data includes coordinates for the nodes.


To activate the display of the newly imported data, click on the Display Settings icon or select the ‘Settings’ - ‘Display Settings’ option to view the Display Settings dialog. This dialog allows you to specify how the data must be displayed (and plotted).


The Display Settings dialog has the following options:

  • The ‘Show sewer layout’ check box specifies that the Design Centre must show the sewer node and link data during redraws.

  • The ‘Annotation Font’ dropdown box allows you to select the font that will be used to label the nodes and links.

  • The ‘Nodes’ sub-item on the left of the dialog, displays the Node settings that allow you to define the pen, symbol size and line type for the node. It also defines the text pen and the text size in points for the node annotations as well as which annotations must be displayed. In the Node text box simply right click and select any range of attributes from the display list to be included on the plan. You can also add a pre- or post-script to this text.

  • The Links sub-item allow you define the pen, line thickness in mm and line type of the link display as well as the text pen and size in points.

Click to Enlarge

Once you have indicated all your settings, click on the OK button of the Display Settings dialog. The Design Centre display will now be updated to show the sewer nodes and links. To test this, position your cursor near a node and zoom in using the [Z] key or the [M] key to magnify. You will find that the node name is displayed next to a circle representing the manhole.



Send in a Request For a Tech Tip


If there is a specific area in CIVIL DESIGNER that you would like us to provide a Tech Tip on, then please let us know. Send your request to and indicate the subject heading as "Tech Tip Request".


Note: We will attempt to create Tech Tips for all responses, but this may be a time consuming process depending on the amount of requests that we receive. Should you require an immediate response, then please liaise with our Support Centre telephonically or via e-mail.


Latest Updates From the Development Team


Here are the latest downloads available on the updates page:

  • Civil Designer v6.3
    Build 18 (11/03/2005)

  • Civil Designer v6.3
    Updated Water Help file (14/05/2004)

  • Civil Designer v6.2
    Build 33 (31/05/2004)



CIVIL DESIGNER Training Contact Details


If you are interested in training, please contact your regional office to make your booking as the courses are extremely popular.




Western Cape, East Cape, Namibia & International

Cape Town
(Head Office)

Tel: (021) 701 1850

Kwazulu Natal, Free State, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mpumalanga & Zimbabwe

Durban Office

Tel: (031) 566 3323

Gauteng, Limpopo, North West Province & Botswana

Johannesburg Office

Tel: (011) 675 3959


Current Visits and Training Activities

Our Customer Consultants will be involved in the following visitations and training activities over the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to give us a call on (021) 701-1850. We would be happy to meet up with you to discuss your training or product needs.





Cape Town

29 Mar


1 April

Moving to new office



4 – 8 April

Civil Designer & AllyCAD client visits


Cape Town

4 – 6 April

AllyCAD training



4 – 7 April

Civil Designer training (Design Centre, Survey Terrain and Road)


East London

11 – 13 April

AllyCAD training



11 – 13 April

Civil Designer & AllyCAD client visits



There are still some openings for the East London AllyCAD training course scheduled for the 11th - 13th April. Contact Shantell Ruthenberg on (021) 701-1850 to secure your booking now!



Best Regards,

The Knowledge Base Team





Victor Reiger: Associate Engineer Windhoek Consulting Engineers.

“I enjoy working with the program. It has simplified our lives to such an extent that we no longer have to spend long hours trying to create a drawing when the program performs this operation in a matter of seconds. It has definitely increased our productivity and we are always assured of high quality work and a professional presentation,”

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Since the inception of our Knowledge Base Recruitment Centre (KBR), we have been inundated with enquiries from top candidates. These applicants include middle to senior level engineers, designers, architects, electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, GIS operators, engineering geologists and town planners.

Our comprehensive website has been accessed by a growing number of job seekers who have uploaded their skills and qualifications for placement. The KBR website provides the perfect medium to add your company’s vacancies for viewing. Job related advertising is free and will guarantee a perfect placement!


For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base website or contact our Recruitment Specialist Yvonne Beebee at:

Telephone (021) 7011850.




Fully Integrated

Civil Engineering Software




CIVIL DESIGNER is the leading civil engineering infrastructure design package with nine integrated modules that operate seamlessly on a single design platform. This places unequalled design functionality at your disposal without the inconvenience of transferring data between different design programs.










Visit our CIVIL DESIGNER website or contact one of our Customer Solutions consultants for more detailed information about these modules.




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