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Turn Simulation Settings


Turn simulates the low speed turning manoeuvres of a range of vehicles from cars through to trailers and semi-trailers, as well as user-defined vehicles along a specified tracking path. It has been designed for ease of use. You simply draw or select the vehicle path, choose the vehicle for the simulation, and then specify either a forward or a reverse run to create the track or swept path envelope.


The interval at which the defined track path must be coordinated, can be specified in the Coordination interval (m) edit box. If you make this value small (0.3 to 0.1m) the simulation will be accurate but slow. The program will also add more line entities to the drawing structure.


The coordination interval should not be too small when you simulate an articulated vehicle movement in the reverse direction. A good ‘coordination interval’ is in the vicinity of 0.2 and 1.5m. You may use the ‘Simulation Type’ combo box to specify the type of simulation needed. There are various options of simulation. You may either decide to have no simulation, or you may choose to display the position of the vehicle and trailer wheels along the path, and finally, you may illustrate the amount of space the vehicle and trailers will take up during the movement.


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Simulation directions may be set to either Forward, or Reverse. This direction refers to the vehicle itself and not to the direction that the vehicle travels on the track path. If the ‘Draw Vehicles’ on the ‘Control Points’ checkbox is checked, a vehicle diagram will be drawn at the start and end of each curve and transition curve.


Should you wish the program to stop the simulation to warn you when the maximum steering angles have been exceeded, simply tick the ‘Enforce Steering Angle limits checkbox. If this option is unchecked, simulation will continue regardless of the steering angles along the tracking path. When you are ready to have the results of the simulation displayed, select the ‘Show Result’ dialog for quick and easy reference.


The program allows you to specify the drawing layer, the line type and the pen colour for each of the simulation types as specified in the Simulation Type combo box and Vehicle diagram. You can also track a point specified in the ‘Cargo point Tracking’ dialog along the indicated path by checking the check box ‘Apply Cargo Point Tracking’. This tracking line will be drawn in the preferred line type and pen colour of your choice.


If you want to do point tracking in the forward or reverse direction, select ‘Run Simulation’. Point tracking can be done on its own, or in conjunction with either the swept, or track path. The Cargo Point Tracking Designer dialog box displays the position of the cargo point relative to the active vehicle. To display this dialog, simply press the ‘Designer’ button. The Vehicle Dimension dialog can also be displayed directly from this dialog by pressing the Edit Vehicle Dimension button.


Simulation settings allow you to optimize this versatile module for maximum results, thereby increasing output in record time.




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Latest Updates From the Development Team


Here are the latest downloads available on the updates page:

  • Civil Designer v6.3
    Build 19 (01/04/2005)

  • Civil Designer v6.3
    Updated Water Help file (14/05/2004)

  • Civil Designer v6.2
    Build 33 (31/05/2004)



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