Line of Sight

This Tech Tip explains the Line of Sight function which creates points at the intersection of a level plane at a specified elevation, with the rest of the dtm. If there is no intersection point, the points will then be placed at the Max track distance from the specified point and display the elevation of the base dtm.

Terrain Mode

Settings Menu › Display Settings

Rename an empty dtm surface Line of Sight

Model Menu › Insert Point

Place your control point by indicating the position with the mouse or if the coordinates are known, press U and enter the desired coordinates

Click OK to enter the point onto the dtm surface.

Terrain Menu › Line of Sight

Place the mouse cursor near the control point and press J to select the control point on the dtm. The Line of Sight Details dialog is displayed. We are now going to use a Max tack distance of 250

Track elevation Enter the height at which the tracking line should be generated.
Track surface Select the surface that contains the model defining the site to be processed.
Max. track distance Enter the maximum distance that the tracking line can be from the eye point.
Result surface Select the surface on which the tracking line should be created.
Result name Enter the name to be assigned to the points generated during tracking.

Click OK to continue.

The 'tower' points are displayed on screen and the coordinates of the Line of Sight are displayed in the output window.

You can run this sequence again, to test out different sight distances.

We are now going to use a Max tack distance of 450

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