Editing Strings

This Tech Tip explains the various editing options available for strings.

Delete the string

Strings Menu › String Editing › Delete String

Select the string you want to delete.

Change the height of the string

Strings Menu › String Editing › Reheight String

Various options are available, you can have a zero height sting, change the fixed height of the string by typing in the new height, or let the program interpolate a height from a DTM surface.

Move the string and have the program automatically update the child strings

Strings Menu › String Editing › Drag String Family

The program will prompt:

The original position of the string. When clicking on a vertex if there are multiple strings, the program will prompt which string you want to edit.

Once the string has been selected, the string will be attached to the mouse cursor.

Click to indicate the new position.

The child string will automatically be updated, notice the change in the shape of second line.

The final step would be to convert the new string(s) to DTM points.

Convert strings to DTM

Strings Menu › String Editing › String to DTM

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